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The Worlds Greatest Intellect


This is my friend, Howard Bloom -

I'm hoping this finds someone at the right time :



Wow. That was awesome.

I haven't read any Bloom, but it seems he is an atheist, so I wouldn't agree with the atheistic aspect of his arguments that spirituality is just fantasy. But there are plenty of powerful things to extract from his messages.


I like the end message of not waiting until you're older to pursue your passion.

I disagree about the whole isolating ourselves prediction. Although it is true that more of us are becoming home bodies, technologies like the internet connect us all to a world much larger than the one previously right outside our door.

I also disagree about hate groups and the rise of another Hilter. The only way this can happen is if people are desperate from a situation such as an economic depression.

Now that we have a global economy that is growing by leaps and bounds, I just don't see this occurring like it did in 1929.

I would like to have a drink with Howard and discuss these themes more in depth. Seems like an very interesting mind.