The World's Greatest Cartoon?

where are all the other klokateers?

Venture Brothers.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Venture Brothers. [/quote]

a very close second, and far better than any of the other suggestions thus far.

Bulk or Cut

[quote]tplet wrote:

I would vote for DBZ too.

Speaking of which they are all set to destroy the DBZ legacy with the movie. Checked out the trailer? yuck!

Humor: family guy/futurama.
Action: DBZ all the way bitchezzz!

lmfao! they should never make a dbz movie with real people…

[quote]josh86 wrote:
2nd for Family Guy![/quote]

3rd for Family Guy for best comedy, with these not too far behind it.

Venture Brothers


Tranzor Z

The Pink Panther.


Am I still in the T-Nation Forum? I can’t believe that not one of you have mentioned Ultimate Muscle!!!

Metalocalypse for sure.

Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Nuff said.

Robotech (especially the Macross Saga)

Looney Tunes without a doubt.

[quote]BlackLabel wrote:
Venture Brothers. [/quote]

x2! It’s just awesome!

[quote]MytchBucanan wrote:
BlackLabel wrote:
Venture Brothers.

x2! It’s just awesome!



I just finished up the Full Metal Alchemist series. I LOVED it.
One of the best series I’ve ever seen for sure.

I still think Venture bro’s is the greatest. But what do you guys think about the Boondock’s?