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The World of Wrestling


As a martial artist im aware the many different styles that exist in the world. I look at every style with open mind not favoring or disfavoring a particular style. I've wrestled before from middle school to high school. I've researched many different wrestling styles that exist from turkish, sumo, judo catch and so on.

So my question has anyone ever study or competed in different wrestling styles around the world? if so, please give a word of you experience and may be techniques of the style you've participated in.


I've competed in Greco, folkstyle, and submission wrestling for the past 10 years. On the experience part it has given me the discipline and determination to stick with the goals I have set for myself. As Dan Gable said "Once you have wrestled, everything else in life is easy."

Plus the people I have met and the fun I have had have changed my life. As far as techniques, hell, I can't explain many verbally. Oh yea and most wrestler's have found it to be true that when you go to bed, you don't sleep on your back.


where did u get that picture? theres a wrestling trophy of that exact thing at my university.


I'm pretty sure that statue depicts two combatants in the ancient art of pankration.


I believe you are correct.


Holy hell thats true.


I was wondering if anyone has study other wrestling styles besides greco, submission, folk, free style, or any of the common known stlyes. an example will cornish and turkish wrestling. just a few of examples.


A badass looking turkish wrestler.


another picture of turkish wrestling


Shuai-Chiao Chinese Wrestling


mongolian wrestling


kids wrestling Chookheh/Chukha


kis wrestling Chookheh/Chukha


Uhh...are they wrestling in rubber pants?


They are wearing leather pants. They also rub themselves down with olive oil and water I think. Turkish wrestling is also called grease wrestling???? I have heard of it before, but I am not sure on how to win really? I think you win by crushing your opponent or lifting him off the ground and carrying him??? If anyone can confirm that lemme know.


actually theyre wrestling in cow leather


what you said is true
The ?crush.? A fighter may maneuver his opponent onto his stomach and then trap him by sprawling on top. If he can keep him down with his face buried in the grass he can then turn his exhausted opponent with a half-nelson for a pin. This is a dangerous move, and the referee monitors closely to see that the bottom man is not suffocated. If the ?crusher? is not successful after a given period the referee has them begin again from a standing position.

Submission. Occasionally the match under a hot summer sun is so long and arduous that one fighter will simply signal his submission to the referee. Pin.

Since a wrestler is not restricted from placing his hands inside his opponent?s kispet (he may not grab his balls or invade his rectum, however), he can also use the waistband to hold the other man in place. Occasionally the kispet is yanked so far below his hips that the fighter being held cannot rise without exposing himself. Having lost his trunks he also loses the match.

If a fighter is able to lift his opponent entirely off the ground and carry him five paces in any direction, that is a ?carrying? pin.

A running ?flip? is sometimes employed, in which the wrestler causes both his opponent and himself to expose their navels during the roll. The loser is the one whose navel is first to be exposed. Unless the initiator of this move is careful, he may find himself the loser even though he was the ?flipper.?


does bjj count?


Yeah, I think we should start up a Pankration FC. That would be pretty sweet. Who's in? I call the name Dioxippus!


looks like someone just got their ass osotagoried