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The World Needs Less Test


There's so much wrong with the article that I don't know where to begin. I will, however, make this anecdotal observation: I'm a currency trader and I've also done cycles and there is no correlation whatsoever between my profit and loss statement and my T levels. None. Not even adjusting for risk.

There isn't even a change in my decision making process leading up to a trade. There are myriad factors they play a part in taking risks, T levels just being one of them.


Is she on her period when she wants the "low T guy"?

I read some study that period CAN make women change their tastes in men like that.


I have wanted to post this link for a while. I was waiting for a thread of this kind :
(Wait for the hall filled with people and the laughs)


I'm not going to comment specifically on your wife because I don't know her but what women want (can't believe I'm opening this Pandora's Box) is someone who can be kind, compassionate, and empathetic when called for and fuck her brains silly later that night. Being compassionate doesn't mean you have low test, it means you have the ability to develop and maintain a connection to someone besides yourself.

The fact of the matter is, there are a hell of a lot more opportunities every day to express compassion and empathy than there are to kick someone's ass.


Kinda Like what HG said, Testosterone has shaped our world. There has been no alternative low-t society, save for a few female dominated indigenous tribes.

I am not a doctor, but it seems in terms of sex appeal, more feminine women (which i believe the characteristics such as breast,lip and other fatty tissues are a result of more estrogen) prefer men with higher t that exhibit those characteristics. Living in a "hipster" neighborhood, I cant help but notice the androgeny of most couples. Ie Feminine looking men with more masculine (or rather, less feminine) looking women as if to balance out the T and estrogen.

If people truly wanted lower T in society they would watch the WNBA..

I am sure governments want lower T in their populace as sheeple are much easier to control.


Being a woman and it(money) being on my mind I was just interested in the money and woman part.


I just wanted to pop back in and agree that Margaret really is an ugly woman's name.. opinion voided..


Just from reading the responses to this thread I can't see why women would want to be more masculine.

Clearly our efforts in the home before women's lib were insignificant.

I mean are women who are stay at homes respected for contributing anything?

No wonder we want to be men too.

Blame yourselves men. :slight_smile:


This is not the real issue. Jobs, Golf. Eff that. The real issue will be 10-20 years down the line when America hell the world will have the Greatest number of people over 60 in it's History. What will be the frame of mind then will start now.

Most of you guys won't worry about it because who worries about turning 40 50, 60 when your 20. And those that do look down that far only worry about the money they will need not how healthy they may be.

So now your 50 you have money saved but your energy is low, Your wife is doped up on federal approved super woman energy pills but you want to nap all the time and will live another 40 years getting worse every year energy wise because "T" is bad just like guns and steriods


Obviously, her husband hasn't tried hitting her.


This Testosterone Debate seems like advancement in our society away from the desires of the Virility of Men.
Men's hormones go up, when we are young, so we can fornicate, reproduce, then go down so we turn into care givers, be old and wise.

I think we understand these effects in our recent past were prolonged in men by more manual labor to keep us active and also fifty years ago everyone at more whole "natural" foods. (i work with an eighty year old man who is in amazing health with high T! he grew up drinking milk OUT OF THE COW!
As stated men's T has been going down and MAN isn't going down without a fight! WE, in the effort to be Stong Conans of the world will not go quietly into our thirties and forties with rising Estrogen and desk jobs!

Women would like us to spill some seed in our early twenties and then die so they can rule the world.
I think as Prof X stated this is not a topic ONE woman is writing about or thinking about for the first time.

I for one will become a chemist and create Test in my basement if it comes to it.

If i want to be a seventy year old man in amazing health with bulging muscles and boners on command THAT's who I?ll be!
I am one who desires extreme advancement in our species life expectancy and that will never happen without Hormone Therapy and Scientific advancements in cell regeneration.


are there actually people retarded enough to believe this?

Honestly. I know the average person is a moron, but this is... Words can't capture who fucking stupid this statement is.


Put down the credit card CH!!! You don't actually need those shoes. If you really, really want them save a little until you can get them outright.


My uncle has been lifting since he was in his 20s. He's almost 70 and in super good shape and health. Two years ago he ran after a thief 50 years younger than him, tackled him and kept him under control until the police (his daughter-in-law actually) arrived.


It is all part of the politically correct notion that male equals bad and female equals good. You see the image that women are smarter, harder working and more noble in most advertising and TV and movies.




Its never a issue until you NEED it. I look at this down the line. I do not think its a issue now. I see it may and can be one if not checked 10yrs down the line.

I match this trend with guns. In my house I have a safe with more than one rifle/gun/shotgun in it. I have trained and been trained on the use of these weapons as a part of work. Up until a couple years ago If someone was to break into my home and come at me and the person was shot I could end up in jail.

They had to pass a LAW yes a freaking LAW similar to the Castle Doctrine in Florida that states a Person has the right to defend themselves in there home.

So 10yrs down the line I can see the MILLIONS OF 50+ crowd needing a law passed to take a pill that could improve life.

Because Fear not Science is what passes laws.


You're adorable.


Imagine the fiasco if he slapped her back.