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The World Needs Less Test


Thought everyone would enjoy/get all worked up over (if you have too much testosterone) this...

Men want more testosterone, the world needs less

Hey, fellas! Are you feeling listless and out of sorts? Are your vital fluids sluggish? Have you lost interest in manly pursuits? No worries. Modern medicine is here to help. You just need a dose of AndroGel or one of the other new heavily marketed elixirs that'll put a tiger back in your tank.

In case you haven't noticed, testosterone ads are all over talk radio these days. Talk radio offers the perfect target market â?? anxious middle-aged guys. Now they know how women feel. Normal middle age has been medicalized. If you're growing older, there must be something wrong with you.

I really hope men ignore those ads. Of course they won't, because testosterone is the core of their identity. But society has too much of it. Less testosterone is good for family life and good for the entire world. Men with lower levels of testosterone are nicer, more social and less aggressive. They're a lot less likely to go out, get drunk and wrap their car around a tree.

New research has found that men's testosterone levels plummet as soon as they become fathers. (Not all fathers welcome this news, as you can imagine.) This explains why even the wildest and most reckless guys are tamed by fatherhood. According to the research, men who are involved in child care have testosterone levels that are lower still. No one knows exactly why this happens, but it makes evolutionary sense. "The real take-home message is that male parental care is important," Peter Ellison, a professor of evolutionary biology at Harvard, told The New York Times. "Itâ??s important enough that it's actually shaped the physiology of men."

On the dark side, testosterone is implicated in the world's financial woes. Perhaps you've noticed that not a single woman was involved with the reckless speculation that led to the debacle of 2008, and to the European banking crisis of today. This is not an accident. Countless studies have shown that women are far more financially risk-averse than men. When it comes to taking chances, women are modest about what they don't know, and they dislike uncertainty. Men, by contrast, think they know it all.

"There's been a lot of academic research suggesting that men think they know what they're doing, even when they really don't know what they're doing," says John Ameriks, the co-author of one of many studies that found that women make smarter investing decisions than men.

"Testosterone is the molecule that explains irrational exuberance," says John Coates, a former investment banker who now conducts research in the new field of neuroeconomics. Mr. Coates believes he's found the links between testosterone, trading behaviour and market bubbles. "On Wall Street, we have one slice of the population â?? young men â?? running our trading floors. That leads to extreme behaviour: They go wilding." Success tends to make these men euphoric and delusional, and disaster inevitably ensues. He thinks the stock market would be a lot more stable if more traders were women and older men.

Women have only 10 per cent of the testosterone that men have. But they probably have 210 per cent of the judgment. Michael Lewis, author of the indispensable book The Big Short, was recently asked what single thing heâ??d do to prevent another financial catastrophe. "I would take steps to have 50 per cent of women in risk positions in banks."

And that's the argument for lowering your testosterone. So what if you're a little sluggish? You'll be a loving dad and a better investor. Plus, you probably won't wreck the world.


"Women have only 10 per cent of the testosterone that men have. But they probably have 210 per cent of the judgment."

Can't argue with that.


If you all think this one woman is all who is thinking this, you are mistaken.


^truth. so unfortunate


The authors name is Margret... She probably has lots of cats and is old, ugly and chubby. Nuff said


OK.....and when you all get tired of laughing her alone....don't forget the other few hundred thousand who just haven't written the same thought on paper.

I'm being serious here. The moment a man has major trouble getting help for HRT when it could improve his quality of life we are all in trouble.

Some of you just don't understand how much.


On the up side, at least many of the early comments (only scanned a few of the 300+) seemed to disagree.

One person posated an interesting article:


I especislly found this interesting:


how important do you think it is that HRT be available, X? is it really a problem that it needs to be fixed with synthetic hormones, or is it more a problem of many men these days living femenine existances?

I'm a younger guy, so I dont have too much experience with the decline in T later in life, but as far as the women i've seen as they go through menopause and use drug therapy they just start to get really fucked up.

....on a side note it was good to see that for as many people agreed with the author, tons were ready to jump out and argue for testosterone. wayyy too many women want balls in jars on the mantle, but not all of them.


I'm no spring chicken and while I would like to worry about this but I can't imagine most woman would even care.

For the most part chicks have so many medical issues to worry about from breast to not ever shitting right ( 500 Fiber commercials directed at women). What time do they have to focus on my balls. Serious if they were that worried they would have stopped the 6 commercials on penis pills I see on TV every day.


This is all just part of the equal rights feminist movement crap. No one cares what this old hussy has to say.



Low testosterone is not chemically corrected by "living a masculine existence" so why would low test be caused by "living a feminine existence" (I am referring to an immediate biological effect)?

I already know this hasn't crossed the minds of most younger guys. That is why they are able to get away with the negative perception of a hormone responsible for making us men in the first place.

They have already shown men today have less testosterone than men even 40 years ago. Considering MUCH of society actually does believe what this lady wrote, expect that to get worse.

Yeah, society today has much to do with lesser testosterone levels from the way of life to our environment.

I am not sure what your experience with "fucked up menopausal women" has to do with this at all.


From my experience, a woman's desires go from low t dudes to high t dudes. For instance, sometimes my wife thinks my abrasiveness and machismo are annoying and overbearing. Other times, she wants to fuck in the car as soon as we leave. Women may want to cuddle with a low t dude and go shopping and shit, but she won't be truly, deeply satisfied unless her man has a TEMPERED mean streak. My wife knows I'll wreck someones world for her and it turns her on.


Once again, this one woman isn't an issue at all. What is an issue is the stereotype and judgment. This leads to extreme laws and regulations that eventually mean a 39 year old man with low test won't be able to find treatment very many places due to fear in the medical profession to even get involved in the controversy.

That means your test levels will be regulated to be in the absolute toilet before you can receive any treatment when the truth is, this should be a decision between no one else but the doctor and the patient (including any amounts perceived to be "supra-physiogical").


From a Canadian paper! Pfft! Pansies!


Her line of thought is not unreasonable for someone with absolutely no knowledge of the human body. She puts way too much stock in the notion that testosterone levels directly correlate to risk taking.

and fucking HA HA HA HA at the notion that women are the picture of sound judgement. Oh Dear Lord.


This topic is fresh on my mind since I just finished reading Atomic Dog. It almost feels like women getting back at us for the Pre-Equal Opportunity days. I am by no means saying that that is what IS happening, just what it feels like sometimes. I also agree with Professor X. It seems like the beginning of many, many small steps that ultimately lead to a decline in the masculinity of men. It may take decades, but I can definitely see it happening.


I actually wouldn't mind seeing more research on women and investment decisions.

I'm not interested in the t part of the post, but I think maybe having more of a balance of the sexes in financial jobs might be a good thing. They did recommend 50% women not all women.



Go pick a switch. It better be at least as thick as my thumb and don't take too long.

j/k. I've read studies, don't have the link, that show elevated levels of testosterone cause people to perform well in stressful situations, including business scenarios (negotiation, decisions with heavy consequences et cetera), politics, life in general.

Men may have been in charge during the financial crisis but their testosterone didn't cause them to make illogical trading decisions, their greed did. I'm willing to bet most of the execs involved would be at the higher end of the natural testosterone spectrum if tested. Brains, a little luck, talent and the ability to play corporate politics with balls get you to the top ahead of thousands upon thousand, actually millions, in the work force who never climb higher than mid-management, if that high.

Tempered aggresiveness is an asset. What the men in question lacked was temperence.

Through out history, men have built, constructed and yes, demolished in the name of building their own ideals. Women have not with very few exceptions.

Nothing physically prevents a woman from swinging a sword, firing a gun and organizing a group of like minded individuals to "rise up and conquer" but they don't.

History, with a handful of footnotes, has been written by testosterone fueled men for better or worse and always will be and ideologies make an idea good or bad, not the fervency with which the ideologies are carried out.


The only way I can see this becoming a Real issue is if some guy goes nuts and they find he was on the therapy. Then like Guns an Steroids it will be a political ploy to get the female vote.


She actually said, 50% of risk management positions. Incidentally that would not include trading.

I work in the financial sector. Although there are still predominantly male populated positions (trading being one), risk management positions are likely not far off 50%. At least in the rank and files.

As for executives, people keep saying there are not enough women, but they forget that today's executives started their career 20-30 years ago when there were less women in the financial sector. So it just makes sense that fewer would attain high level positions.