The World Changed/Now the Transformation

About 18 months ago I read Cressey and Robertson’s “Neanderthal No More” and it changed my life.

What?! You crazy fool, how can an article about sitting hunched over your computer all day change your life? Let me tell you.

The antidote to the caveman posture is basically to stand up tall with the shoulders back. I started standing tall around the office and after a couple of weeks, I noticed that everyone was staring at me. No, really.

At first I freaked. Then I realized that as a balm to my poor self-image, I made myself invisible as I moved through life. At this point, I could either go back to the slouch or meet their gaze in a friendly non-threatening manner and move on. I smiled and moved on.

Hey great! Now, I can look people in the eye, but I’m still fat. Not obese, just fat. I had a birthday approaching. One of THOSE birthdays - 40. I was tired of being fat, but I’ve been tired of being fat for years and I hadn’t succeeded in getting lean.

Here was a goal and a reason for change, or so I thought. I decided that the Velocity Diet would be my salvation, but since I was really looking for something that would eliminate the need for persistent discipline, it was a failure.

Oh, I lost 15lbs on the V-Diet, but I choked down the shakes and spent most every day wanting a cookie or a Snickers and when it was over, I transitioned right back to my old habits.

A couple of months later, my personal life took a crapper as things got rough between my wife of 14 years and I and then we decided to write our own little urban drama over the next 6 months. During a couple of very low spots, I decided that if we were going in different directions, I was not going to be the same loser she met and married.

SO, I went out and started updating my wardrobe and practicing my pickup lines. Oh wait, I couldn’t do that because my self-image rendered me nearly incapable of talking to women. A big genuine P***Y. That could not be, instead I went out and grabbed that weakness by the horns and started learning to talk to people and carry on a conversation with anyone.

WOW, real interpersonal growth. Like a butterfly out of the cocoon. But, still a fat butterfly that one day had nothing but a big bag of peanut M&Ms to eat. What was the deal? Why couldn’t I gain control over this area of life?

Then one day I started reading the Physique Clinic blogs. OH SHIT. Every rationalization that had crossed through my pretty little head in the past was shown for the putrefying vomit of dead excuse that it was. I was fat because I chose to be fat; because I lacked discipline in this area and because when I might have had success, I didn’t want to pay the price.

But Gus and Chris were paying the price. Then I thought, it looks like they are still taking applications for the Physique Clinic. I’ll put together a package and send it in.

First, I needed some pictures and they were truly awful. I could see the results of 25 years in the gym and the training I’d done for powerlifting(Yes I do have a total), but the horrors. I was not impressed. I decided that I couldn’t wait to see if I was selected for the next round of Physique Clinics, I needed to start now. I had basically given up. I all but quit lifting over 2 years ago. Instead, I started the Velocity Diet again.

Let me tell you how it’s different this time. Oh, I was different.

I did some things different too. This time I made my shakes with water instead of milk and I’ve found that they test almost good enough to chew. The HOT-ROX does a great job of curbing what hunger may sneak past the green tea. I had been chewing a bit of sugarless gum but that will stop. I was just reading today about the way that the carbs can add up.

Here’s a story. In the middle of the first week, I came home to a kitchen full of homemade chocolate chip cookies. Frankly, I didn’t want one that badly, but I still used the spatula to pick them up and put them in the bag. I didn’t want the feel of the crumbs on my hands. I didn’t want to lick the crumbs from my fingers and to start desiring those cookies. NO!! I only want my shakes.

Measurements all in inches:

Largest part of belly: 42
Upper leg L/R: 24.75/25.0
Lower leg both: 15.5
Ankle L/R: 9.375 9.5
Chest: 47.5
Upper ab area: 40.5
Shoulders: 53.75
Arms(flexed) L/R: 15.5
Neck: 16.875

Measurements all in inches:

Largest part of belly: 41
Upper leg L/R: 24.25/24.75
Lower leg both: 15.25
Ankle L/R: 9.375 9.5
Chest: 46.75
Upper ab area: 40
Shoulders: 54
Arms(flexed) L/R: 15
Neck: 16.25

3/2/2008 - upon waking 223.5
3/8/2008 - upon waking 214.5

The picture is from Feb 26.

you’ve had your moment of realization…thats good . now go kick some ass in the gym . and with the ladies too…whether it’s your wife or not…learn to communicate again

people will notice . and you’ll feel great about that . and you will notice changes in yourself…again you’ll feel great . and then you’ll get hurt ; dont let that stop ya . just another obstacle .

40 aint too old to shake the shit up .

Age is just a number, attitude is everything! All that matters now is the moment we got right in front of us. Make the most of that moment and just go with it and enjoy it RC!

Looks like you have the right mindset to make those changes happen and I hope you are as serious as you say you are…even 8 weeks from now when the cardio and dieting are not the easiest things to do. You can make it happen by just tackling everything …one day at a time. Pile up 365 of those days all together and you have a brand new physique and a new You! Keep up the positive attitude RC and much success to your training program.

Thanks Marlboroman. 40 is the new 30 right? As you say, it’s time to kick ass in the gym.

So, V-Diet wrap up week 1:

  • Making the shakes with ice improved the mouth feel and overall drinkability by 10000%.
  • HOT-ROX Extreme works nicely to curb the appetite.
  • I haven’t noticed the V-Diet being a problem in the gym

Last night I spent several hours re-reading Gus’ physique clinic posts and I felt like I was right there with him lusting after the lean steak, chicken, and veggies. So, for the first HSM, I stir-fried some sliced chicken breast and put that over a salad of spinach, cucumber, tomato, and carrots with some avocado. Afterward, I reflected that this was probably too high in fat. So, next time the chicken will be baked and the avocado will go missing to be replaced by red onion and peppers.

It’s tough being fat man, right now you’re probably at the point were you’re trying to eat healthy. Still In the back of your head you’re saying “I can’t wait till this shit is done, so I can have pizza again.” Sad thing Is after about 3 or 4 months and you’re still not done and realize that “Fuck, I can never eat like shit again.” You’ll take on the food for fuel attitude. That’s where I’m at, I don’t crave fast food anymore “ever” I do sometimes want pizza, I love it. I only crave shit food when I’m hungry though.

Good luck, It’s hard.

Hey Condor60, thanks for some feedback from the trenches. That is one thing that is different this time around. The last time it was like “I can’t wait until this is done so I can have a cheat day” Now, I’m loving my shakes and the first HSM was ambrosia.

Frankly, I think I could eat this way forever, but, just to ensure success I’m doing my level best to channel my inner Gus and lust after spinach salads with salmon. In fact right now, I’m craving … another shake.

Keep on going at it. My first piece of advice is to diet down to single-digit body fat %. Then you can start your first bulk lean. My phoenix moment was when I was sitting in front of my computer, playing world of warcraft, and I had just eaten an entire box of mini powdered doughnuts like they were nothing.

I then looked on the side of the box at the nutrients label, looked at my gut, then decided it was time for change. I went on an extreme diet for 5 weeks and my body fat went from 20% to 12%. I didn’t really have any muscle to begin with, so I didn’t worry about losing fat too quickly, and I didn’t lose any.

Just do whatever it takes to reach your goal. I know you’ll make it. No excuses, no bullshit, just do it.

I thought maybe it would be worthwhile to post my training routine and some thoughts.

I work out at the corporate fitness center so the equipment is pretty limited. I have available a chin/dip station, lots of cable machines, dumbbells to 75lbs and 2 benches. So, here is what I came up with.

bulgarian split squats
seated good mornings
Arnold presses

I do these as a giant set for 3 reps with roughly a 30s rest between sets and today I did 6x3. 40lb dumbbells for the squats and good mornings, 30lb dumbbells for the presses and I can’t do the chins, so I did negatives.

I put the exercises in this order to get at least some peripheral heart action going.