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The Workout Nutrition Thread


All the new Anaconda hype, as well as Nate Green's/CT's workout protocols have got me thinking. I'm ordering some stuff this week:

Hydrolyzed Casein
Various carbs

Presently, I have:
Ion exchange whey
Surge Workout Fuel
Surge Recovery
Metabolic Drive bars

My past 2 workouts, I tried:

Workout 1:
-60 Metabolic Drive Bar, Alpha GPC
-30 SWF (2 scoops/500ml water)
-10 Surge (2 scoops/500ml water)
+5 2 Scoops Whey

I felt full the entire workout, it sucked balls. Surge also makes me thirsty, so all in all, this scheme was a grand failure.. I was damn near throwing up from being too full, and still felt thirsty.

Workout 2:
-75 200g pineapple
-60 Metabolic Drive Bar, Alpha-GPC
-30 Surge (2 scoops)
-15 SWF (1 scoop)
+5 2 Scoops Whey

This was a lot better. Didn't feel so full, hit a great PR and had a good amount of energy after the workout.

For workout 3, I think I'll pass on the MD bar, and just have some fruit or the palatinose 60/30 minutes before the workout, respectively.

Aside from current experimentation.. SWF (1 scoop) pre-workout, and Surge Recovery + 2 scoops whey post-workout have always hit the spot in the past. But it seems like the whole protein pulsing concept can give you steroid-like gains, so let's all put our heads together and share our ideas and results as far as workout nutrition goes :).



I can't be the only motherfucker in the world who takes supps and powders around his workouts.


What do you do with the Palatinose?


for me:

-30: one scoop vanilla milk protein, scoop of Power Drive, mixed with OJ

intra: water.

+5: bowl of strawberries (went to an amish farm to pick strawberries this weekend. it's awesome) , two scoops milk protein with a scoop of Superfood and half a serving of Power Drive, little thing of jell-o (for the gelatin)

+2 hours: bowl of turkey chili, slice of wheat bread, some sort of green veg, water

If I'm playing tennis or frisbee or something, I usually just do gatorade powder + bcaa's intra.


60-90 mins before workout Berardi's Popeye Smoothie
PWO Surge


What i'm about to start

-30min 2weetabix with milk
-10min (and then during workout) 1scoop whey, 500ml milk, 150g pineapple

After workout, +20min: 200g chicken and 80g bulgar wheat and veggies.

Can't afford any supps beyond whey at the moment


I find that I can't really lift hard when I'm hungry. Even on weekends, I need to have a few meals in me before I hit the weights or everything's just moving at a lower level (weights are down, my mental focus, overall intensity).

I really don't have any specifics pre-workout regimen, although lately I will get home from work around 3:30, pop tribulus, Chromium Picolinate (I recently read that it has a good hormonal effect about an hour after ingestion, and it was suggested as a preworkout addition), Vanadyl Sulfate (still adjusting to higher carb levels after my contest dieting), and usually eat a bowl of oatmeal with some Low Carb Metabolic Drive and Natural Peanut Butter. Gives me a nice full feeling, and when I hit the weights an hour later, I'm able to really just tear things up. Periworkout I sip cryal light with 5g Leucine and 15g BCAAs. Post Workout I go for 5g of creatine, 2 scoops of whey powder, and a poptart (surprise surprise -lol).



I've recently switched to only drinking my WO shake during my lifts. I go straight for a P+C meal 30-60 min post-WO.

Para-WO drink:
1 scoop SURGE Recovery
1/2 scoop lemon lime Gatorade
1/2 scoop CMDI (80:20 casein/whey)
7g Creatine
5g Glutamine

~26g P/55g CHO


Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but all these protocols are wayyy too complicated for me.


G87, why the ribose?

Just recently started

-30 Surge Workout Fuel, Receptormax
-15 Surge Recovery

and so far this rocks.


I initially bought it as a sweetener, but now I use it before workouts, on occasion, for sustained energy. Prefer fruit, though!


New peri-WO (starting this very day). My CKD means only carbs come from Workout Fuel (21g):

45mins before - 10-12g BCAAs
30mins before - 30g Workout Fuel, 5g creatine
During - 30g whey hydrolysate, 5g leucine
Immediately afterwards - as during
One hour later - as workout + 5g creatine, 5g glycine, 5-10g glutamine
30-60mins later - P+F meal


What's your simpler solution?


It's well known that a real T-man's pre-workout protocol should contain AT LEAST five different compounds, taken at PRECISELY the right time leading up to the workout. If not you're severely limiting your gains.

That being said, I guess I'm not a real T-man because I have a moderately sized mixed meal containing protein, carbs, and some fat ~60-90 minutes before my workout, followed by a carb/protein meal afterward (chocolate milk + whey for example)


I know I only started with the peri-workout considerations this past year, and am only using the vanadyl and chromium because I'm post contest and my insulin sensitivity may be a little out of wack. Aside from that, I think I keep things pretty basic, whey protein and some source of simple carbs PWO. If you wanna get 'crazy' add 5g of creatine -lol.

I made some damn good gains over the years with nothing more complicated than that, and at risk of sounding arrogant (which I think most of you realize I'm not), I talk to a lot of younger/newer trainers who spend tons of $ on a zillion different supplements, and still don't make the gains they want.

Obviously I'm not saying the supps mentioned are bad, but I just feel my money is better spent on larger quantities of meat :smiley:



Stu, your looking amazing in your avatar.

Everyone should start incorporating Pop-Tarts.


Pre-Workout: Food
Peri-Workout: Water
Post-Workout: Lucky Charms


I'm starting to feel this way too, increasingly, and it's having a good effect on my progress :slightly_smiling: On the other hand, I'm not strapped for cash, so some stuff is cool to have around, and I'm looking forward to playing around with finibars and all that other stuff. The thing that really has me interested is CT's huge gains in a short space of time, and the whole protein pulsing thing. I'd like to run that protocol for at least a couple of months and see where it takes me.


Bill Roberts mentioned it helped him with endurance during heavy workouts in another thread.

I did the same as you, only it was -30, -20, and then I had 2 scoops whey PWO. Was pretty good, had a good amount of energy and did HIIT an hour later.

Has anyone noticed much of a difference between 1 and 2 scoops of Surge Workout Fuel?


10 mins pre wo - 5 bcaa

20 mins into workout - 10 bcaa
10 beta alainine supreme

40 mins into workout - same as above

pwo - 60g whey
60g waxy maize starch
5 bcaa
17g glutamine
3g arganine

All Poliquin products except wms and whey. Expensive and yet to see if it works as started yesterday. Last time i used bcaa i put on about 6lbs muscle in a couple of weeks so excited about this one.