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For years, Plazma has been my go-to workout drink. That’s over. I’ve switched to something even better. Here’s the story.

The Workout Drink Challenge

When Biotest CEO Tim Patterson told me the new Surge® Workout Fuel is better than Plazma, I thought, “That’s a big, bold claim that’s a little hard to believe.” But I’ve known Tim for 20 years, and his word is gold to me. So I was excited to learn more.

Tim said, “It’s the best workout formula I’ve ever made, and not only that, it’s 33% cheaper than Plazma. We’ve switched several of our athletes from Plazma to the new Surge® formula, and they’re all seeing increased gains, faster recovery, and significantly greater work capacity.”

Tim added, “Each Surge® serving contains 5 grams of L-leucine, 270% more than Plazma, plus it provides two additional power ingredients not in Plazma: 2 grams of beta-alanine and 1.5 grams of malic acid. The formula is so loaded with science-backed ingredients that there’s nothing you could add to make it better. We use calibrated electrolytes to engorge muscle with nutrient-dense fluids, stimulating maximum protein synthesis and fueling elite-level work capacity. And, Christian, I want you to be the next one to test it. I consider you the most qualified to compare the formulas and evaluate which one performs the best. And I want you to go public with your verdict, regardless of the outcome.”

Despite the enormous task and responsibility, I was excited to get my hands on the new Surge® formula. So I sent a copy of the label to my diet coach to let him know I’m making the change. He immediately texted me, saying, “That’s a perfect workout supplement.”

Here Are My Test Results

I’ve been using the new Surge® formula for five workouts and can make the following observations:

  1. Lean Mass: I gained 2.5 lbs of lean body weight. I had to do some mental gymnastics because I’m still in a fat loss phase, and seeing my bodyweight go up was screwing with my mind even though I look and perform better.
  2. Fat Mass: Body fat is either unchanged or slightly lower. My gut feeling is that I’m a bit leaner because I see more deltoid separation, and the brachialis is beginning to appear, which is the last thing to show for me.
  3. Strength: My strength has increased significantly. I used more weight for the same number of reps or more reps with the same weight. But more interestingly, I hit or exceeded all my target reps on every set, which is far from my norm. Typically, I’d need to drop a couple reps on the later sets, but that didn’t happen with Surge® Workout Fuel. Increasing strength and performance like that is impressive.
  4. The Pump: I look freakishly pumped during and after the workout, like a completely different human being! And the pump lasts for a few hours, instead of going flat like usual. I also look and “pinch” leaner as the workout progresses, likely due to pumping a lot more fluid inside the muscle.
  5. Work Capacity: I recover much faster between sets. My current training block uses 2.5-minute rest periods. Now, I’m ready to go in 1.5 minutes. Next week, I’m going to decrease rest periods to see if I can maintain performance metrics.
  6. Energy Levels: I feel much better and have noticeably more energy during my training session. I could add more exercises to my workouts, which is challenging to do at an advanced level.
  7. Warm-Up Time: I typically need 2 warm-up sets to get a good mind-muscle connection. Now I feel a solid contraction right from the start, so I’ve stopped doing warm-up sets (except for squats and bench). If I can get the same quality without wasting energy on warm-up sets, that’s a win from the growth perspective.

Straight Shooter Verdict

I’ve been a longtime Plazma user, so I believe I’m qualified to compare it to the new Surge® formula. Plus, I know Tim Patterson wants my honest feedback, either way. So here’s my objective assessment:

Surge® Workout Fuel demonstrably outperforms Plazma, and it should be evident to anyone who uses both supplements. It makes such an improvement in performance and gains, I won’t train without it — and neither should anyone serious about lifting or competing in sports.

Regardless of your fitness goals, I believe Surge® Workout Fuel will get you there faster and take you farther. And it outperforms Plazma at 33% less cost.

I’m also developing new training methods to take advantage of the surge effect. So sign up for the T Nation newsletters for update notifications.

Surge Workout Fuels Is the Best

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