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The Wii Workout

I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. Death, taxes, the Wii gaming console as a workout device…


I thought people already did that?

and wouldnt a fitness expert realise that all they are doing is momentarily burning calories?


You can burn a few calories using the wii. Certain games more than others. But I can’t imagine it is all that substantial in the long run.

That being said. Realizing that this is a video game system, and that millions of overweight kids will be playing it. I can’t imagine a hundred or two extra calories burned a day will hurt them any.

I heard the averge man could lose 8lb. a month playing the Wii. I call work though.

I heard the average man could lose 8lbs. per month playing the Wii. I call work though.

Wasn’t there an articel a few years back about a boy who lost some weight using the dance dance revolution machine to workout? Isn’t this similar? I mean at least people are moving, better than playing WoW 18hrs a day.