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The Wicker Man


Who here has seen the original "The Wicker Man" from 1973? One of my favorite horror flicks. It's a movie I probably would not have cared for on my own, so it helps to watch it with someone who really appreciates it. I like the fact that it messes with you (as well as the townspeople mess with the lead character). What the hell is it a musical or a horror movie?! The songs become infectious. So much so that I bought the soundtrack.

Call me weird, but I can't help it.


I haven't seen it. I sat through the new one with Nick Cage and it sucked ass. Nick in a bear suit punching out the hippy chick was funny as hell though.


The one with Nicholas Cage, was a horrible movie. Kept my interest but hated the ending.
Makes me wanna piss on a stranger just thinking about it.


The remake is not as nearly as good as the original. The concept of the plot is the same, only Summersisle is not a cult run by women and there's singing! Don't cheat and watch the end on youtube, Edward Woodward's final scene is chilling. Hard to shake.


Never saw neither.

But I love the song of the same name by Iron Maiden.


I'm glad you brought up "Wicker Man." Not many people know about it. It's considered a horror classic, but because the pacing is so slow (it was made in 1973?), and there are so many minute details to catch, it's not an easy movie to watch in 2009.

It really is good. The Nick Cage remake is awful, and was a disgrace to the original.

A couple of things to note:

  1. That is Christopher Lee in Wicker Man, who played Saruman in Lord of the Rings, and Count Dooku in Star Wars. Meanwhile, the main character Edward Woodward starred in a cheesy 80's show called "The Equalizer."

  2. The final 20 minutes of the movie are off the hook. Anyone who is not shaken by the end credits has no soul.

  3. The naked chick singing in the middle of the movie...I want to put it in her pooper. Now.

  4. You need to see "Don't Look Now," another 70's horror classic starring Donald Sutherland. Excellent excellent movie, considered a classic, similar to Wicker Man. Plus, it contains what is commonly considered the best sex scene ever filmed in movie history.


BTW- the reason y ou are captivated by Wicker Man? I think it's because the main character, who is a Scottish detective looking for a missing girl on an island run by pagans, he is symbolic of Western order, law, and Christianity.

Meanwhile, the Pagans on the island could give two shits about his credentials, his love of Christ, or his Western authority. It's a perfect rendition of Western values vs. Pagan hedonism. It's unsettling for a viewer to witness a culture so at odds with what we value and are familiar with.

I need to read about how they filmed the movie, because the pagans looked too real. It almost looks like a documentary at some points. And the final festival they have, when they are all wearing costumes, is an absolute freak show.


I've never seen the original, but I do feel you guys are using far too soft words to describe the pure travesty that was the remake.


i have seen it. it wasn't too creepy to me, but the thought of it is weird. to be honest i didn't think a whole ton of it, but i do understand the concept it was trying to convey.


It has that type of quality where the more times you see it the more you like it. For some it's not worth it, but when it's your wife's favorite horror movie, then there's no choice.


well sorry guys but i actually liked the nick cage one. lol but i didnt know there was an original. i was born ten years after it was made. but im downloading wicker man and dont look now. good post. i been lookin for new movies to watch.


You know, I did not mind the remake either, but the original is just so much more...bizzare. Again I was actually compelled to download the soundtrack.

I also thought hearing Nick Cage's legs snap on the way to the Wicker Man was a nice touch.


There are a TON of videos on Youtube clowning the Nick Cage remake. It looked really really bad.



This one is even funnier: