The "Why The Hell Have I Not Been Keeping a Log for Months" Log

Okay, time to get serious again.

Blah blab blah blah, excuse, excuse, excuse, blah blah blah blah.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s the general plan.

Starting with a 3 week accumulation block.

Bench Plan:

DE Bench:
*Trying a lactic acid wave with chains. I’ve done the lactic acid training for bench and squat before and helps immensely with body comp. I wanna see if chains do anything more for me for this cycle. Chains instead of bands to spare the joints for this kind of volume.

*I will use 3 diff grips each time: narrow, strongest, and wide
*rest kept to 20-30s

Week 1: 40% for 12x3
Week 2: 40% for 14x3
Week 3: 40% for 16x3

ME Bench:
Staying tight in the bottom
Just getting stronger in general

*The Exercises:
Chain bench with 3 count on the bottom
Wide grip bench with 3 count on the bottom
touch n go CGBP
2-board touch n go

The Supps
*I wanna try something a little different. I’ll use the lower end of Prilepin’s table, but on the last set, I’ll take it to an RPE 8.5-9 (1-2 reps in the tank). For the DB Press, I’ll use a ramp to a really hard top set.

*The exercises:
DB Bench Press- I’ll take a ramp across 5 sets erring on the side of too light for the first sets
Standing Press- 60% for 4x6, last set an RPE 8.5-9

Lower Plan

DE Squat
*Lactic Acid with Chains, same reason as for bench.
*To a box barely higher than parallel to spare the hips and hip flexors
*All done with Manta Ray to spare hips, shoulders, wrists, and elbows

Week 1: 45% for 10x2 45s rest
Week 2: 47% for 15x2 30-45s rest
Week 3: 50% for 15x2 20-30s rest

ME Squat
Just get stronger

*The exercises:
Front Squat
Barely High HB Box Squat
Zercher Rock Bottom Pin Squat
Beltless DL w/ stiff bar from slight deficit

*on big compounds, follow Prilepin’s table and rep out to 8.5-9 RPE
Olympic Squat
Narrow Stance Zercher GM

Lats and upper back for every upper.

Power cleans or power snatches for every lower.

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1st Session

Standing Press
115x2x6 RPE 8
115x4 RPE 9
95x6 RPE 9

DE Bench w/ Chains

EMOM Supinated BW Chins

Low Cable Lean Back Facepull

Cable Arms
got them pumped up

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ME Lower

Power Clean from Pins Starting at Mid Thigh Height
*Just looking to get ‘activated’ and add a little upper back volume. Nothing that takes much away from recovery
*Height chosen to get me used to meeting my thighs to the bar at that level in a PC from the floor

Barely High Bottom Up DL Stance Zercher Squat
285x1 RPE8
315x1 RPE9
335x1 RPE10
*Me likey, me likey. I see it really enforcing staying upright on regular DLs and helping the power off the ground. I had force my hips forward from the start and keep forcing them forward so the weight wouldn’t pull my arms loose. Really had to keep my upper back super tight. I relaxed my right lat for a split second on the last single and nearly lost it.

Oly Squat
185x8 RPE8

bodyweight for 3x8
*really emphasizing pelvic hyperextension to make this something that can help my SI joint and back stay healthy. Made it a lot harder. Now I know something I’m weak at.

Cable Ab Pull Down Doohickey
Pallof Press with Rope
*really liked it a lot better with the rope. Big difference. Felt my entire midsection instead of just one side and hips and shoulders were working harder to stabilize too.

Following. Plans to compete? I see you in on the other Westside threads just wondering have you worked with a coach before? Your template looks pretty similar to the out line in StormtheBeach’s Westside thread.

No meet in site, I’m trying to get some things at home under control before I can make that commitment. For now, I’m going to go back and forth between accumulation and intensification blocks.

I’ve never worked as a coach (edit: or with; just reread the question) tbh. I just read way too much about this stuff and use myself as a guinea pig haha. (edit: However, I have worked with a college powerlifting team and learned a lot there. They used pretty basic block periodization, but I learned what real intensity is there and that’s when I learned how hard I can really push it and that I’m not a delicate flower. The body will adapt to a lot more than many people give it credit.)

And my template looks similar to STB’s thread because that’s where I got it from :slight_smile:
I found it helpful and alternating between accumulation and intensification lets me stay fresh and less likely to get hurt.


ME Bench

WG 3-count Pause Press
*barely missed the last one. It was mostly from accumulated lat fatigue from the previous sessions. So I did my lat work for more of a pump than actually a strength builder to get some blood in there to help with recovery

DB Bench Press
40x10 RPE 7
55x10 RPE7.5-8
70x8 RPE 10

Triceps Emphasis Single DB Pullover
*Something new I’ve been doing. It will actually work the lats and tris while still pumping some blood into the chest

Curl BB Cuban Press with Body English to 3 OH Shrugs
3x6 (6 cuban presses and 18 OH Shrugs)
*Mostly just done to get some blood to the shoulder girdle, add some upper back volume, and improve shoulder, thoracic, and upper back mobility even more

Preacher Curls (that’s where I got the bar from)
*I had the ability to push it a lot harder, but the inside of my elbow felt funny. I think because of the Zercher Squats a couple days ago. I think it was good to stretch my bis and pump them, but I didn’t wanna push my luck.

DE Lower

Power Snatch
8 EMOM Singles @ 135lb
-was very good about getting full double knee bend and exploding from that position right in the ‘pocket’. The weight just popped straight up and was easy to catch with hardly any knee bend in the power position

Beltless Chain Barely High Manta Ray Box Squat
185x12x2 45s rest

DL for form

Sled Push Walking
1 plate on sled walking to the end of stretch and back

cable crunches
Pallof Presses

For bench, I need another pressing or pullover option after supplementary.

So today will be:

DE bench
Standing Press
DB press
lats/upper back 1-2 exercises
tri/bi/face pull cable super set

Next ME bench:

Paused Chain Bench
Spoto Press
Try the EZ bar for pullovers, maybe straight bar
lats/upper back 1-2 exercises
tri/bi/face pull cable superset


DE Chain Bench
115x14x3 20-25s rest

Standing Press
95x4x6 60s rest, 90s before last set
Think I won’t worry about an AMRAP set and just try to get rest interval lower and lower

Timed Flat DB BP
50lbs per hand, 28 reps in two minutes
-always holding onto the dumbbell

Chest Supported Bilateral DB Row
-really focused on squeezing lats and retracting scapulae
-I liked these a lot, the pump and mind-muscle connection was spot on for my first time doing these

Cable Arm Superset

ME Lower

High Bar Chain Just High Box Squat
*315 popped up super fast
*345 was a hard grinder
*used chains just because my SI area felt just a bit off. I’m glad I did, no bad soreness in that region now.

Zercher GM
135x4x6 45s rest

DB Lunges
15lbs for 3x16steps (8 strides)

ab work, can’t remember, posting this 10/25

Next session:

ME Upper

ME Floor Press
*I just wasn’t strong enough. Very little strength or pop from my chest. Time to develop my chest now as it’s definitely the weakest link by far
*floor presses because I didn’t see a good spot and didn’t have time to hike a bench over to the power rack

Wide Grip Floor Press
135x4x6 30-45s rest

DB Flies
25x5x8 30s rest


cable face pull/upright row hybrid

2nd DE lower of the cycle

Power Clean from Squat Rack Catches
*good practice, warm up, and activator

Manta Ray Barely High Box Squat w/ Chains
195lbx12 15s-40s rest average of 20s rest per set
*omg these were killer, had to dig deep

275x12x1 30s rest

Bodyweight Leg Extenstions
3x12 45s rest

bodyweight for 3x8
*hamstrings work hard when doing full pelvic extension

Pallof Cable Rope Presses


DE Bench

DE Bench w/ Chains
*good form has become more and more automatic every week

Feet on Bench Wide Grip BP
Put on my new reactive slingshot
30s rest across all sets
*I like the slingshot, I’ll have to try it on for ME work and see what happens

1 Cuban Press to 3 OH Shrugs (that’s 1 rep)
3x6 30s rest
*always make my shoulders burn and keep things healthy in and around my shoulder and RC

Bench Supported DB Rows w/ Slingshot on
20lb for 3x10 30s rest
*I wanna take more rest and go heavier next time
*I liked the effect from the slingshot, made me use speed and momentum from the start and forced me to contract hard to keep moving the weight so I got a full ROM as I approached the top of the movement

Pinwheel Curls
25lb for 3x10 45s rest

Had to spend time getting used to a new job involving lots of lifting.

Will do a whole body template with Westside principles so no one body area is killing me when lifting and carrying product around.


RE Legs and DE Bench


Need to do some abs and biceps tomorrow

Manta Ray Oly Style Squats
155x6x6 30s rest between sets
Nauseated, light headed, and legs were burning, I like this Gironda rep scheme

DE Bench w/ Reactive Sling Shot
155x12x3 30s rest
I like the groove it kept me in and the way I had to squeeze my lats to get the bar to touch in the right spot
Also made this way easier on my joints.
This thing might be the key to being able to work in the bench volume I need for muscle growth and strength gains while not destroying my joints.

DB Flies/Chest Supported by Bench DB Row
30x4x8 / 30x4x10
A good pairing, this one’s a keeper

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New plan so I can recover properly.

I’m either doing ME or DE for upper or lower and for the opposite half I’ll use the lower end reps of Prilepin’s table for the comp lift or a very close variant depending on what’s fatigued and what needs work and my joints.

Real Life Example this week:

Friday ME Legs
Front Squat
-I wasn’t upright enough which made me get closer than I wanted to dumping the bar on rep 4

Bench Press
165x4x6 45s rest
-RPE 8 on the last set, last rep
-for prilepin work, I’ll be reducing rest intervals for this block of training

Band Pull Aparts
snapped mind band for 3x15 30s rest (gym was about to close)

Saturday (today) DE Bench Press
High Bar Squat Beltless
225x4x6 75s rest
-RPE 8 for last set last rep
-for most part, felt good, a slight hip twitch to the right but I think just more practice will iron that out

Blue Slingshot DE Bench
155x12x3 30s rest
-love the way this thing keeps me in a solid steady groove and the stress it takes off my shoulders and elbows

Cable Crunch (used the set up made for standing cable pull overs)
supersetted w/
BB Bicep Curl
-I didn’t time it, but I kept rest pretty short

I forgot to do Powercleans as first thing so I did them as last thing since I remembered then. Hey, better suboptimal than not at all!

EMOM 185x8x1
-not much volume, but I’m going to slowly increase that as I develop work capacity and physical tolerance to my job. I wanna eventually get that to E1/2MO1/2M for 185x16x1

Yo, Fletch, what are your lifts? I thought you’ve been over 4/3/5 for a couple years now.

I’ve been stalled at 400-450, 275-300, and 475-525 for well over a year due to inconsistency and a few nervous breakdowns. Granted, I have built some muscle mass and work capacity in that time. So not a total loss.

Right now, my lifts indicate a 425 squat, 275 bench, and 500 pull.

I’ve had to relearn how to train for bench because everytime I got to 300, my RC or shoulder would get hurt and shut down. But I’ve adopted BP technique that doesn’t hurt me and have learned the importance of direct shoulder training all around the entire shoulder goalder Bench specific upper back work. I also recently got the sling shot so I’m optimistic about bench.

Getting my shit together just generally in life has been priority one for many months now. But finally, now that I’ve got that down, I’m ready to be a little more serious.

Consistency is my number 1 issue right now so I’ve just gotta get myself in the gym and do something on a consistent basis even if it isn’t much because of the physical nature of my work. I can’t afford to be so sore I end up sucking at work. I might have good opportunities there so that’s one option I wanna try to keep open.

The gym has always been like a barometer for how well I’m doing in life ha! I do well in there, I do well in life.

For now, the goal is to get to the upper range of what I’ve been able to do in past consistently. I have indicator lifts that are pretty good at telling me where I am. They almost always tell me what I should be able to get after a 8-12 week plan.

From Thursday

DE Box Squat High Bar
*wow these were explosive and just popped, I’m adding chains next time

Power Snatch
135x8x1 EMOM style
*The popped really well too. I was catching these close to stiff legged which doesn’t normally happen at this weight.

Normal Grip Feet Up Bench
135x4x6 45s rest

DB Flies
supersetted w/ Band Pull Aparts
*nice pair, I like how the band pull aparts mitigated the tightness on the shoulders from the chest pump with the upper back and rear delt pump it made


Kneeling Box Jump Onto Aerobic Top(start on knees, butt on heel, leap onto feet and stand up as quick as I can)

Prilepin’s Table Work
Beltless Low Bar Low Box Squat
*really hammered the low back and did a little work for the inner quad

ME Flat Back Wide Grip BP
worked up to 225x3
*I didn’t know if I had another rep or not so I shut it down
*I’m very weak with the flat back variation. It’s lower by 20-30lb. B/C my chest is so weak.


Not much time today, will do assistance tomorrow morning before work

High Bar Box Squat 1-2in > parallel
*It was a real grinder because I pitched forward. My abs/low back couldn’t handle the reversal. Still a little sore from Saturdays squats, but still got it.
*Indicator Lift- ~450lb Comp Style Squat. There was not any sort of special preparation or peaking for this so I’m thinking this is a stable max.

Blue Slingshot BP
185x4x6 45s rest