The Whole Smolov Program for Bench Press

Hello guys. Im currently doing the Smolov jr program for bench press. But I thought since the smolov jr is basically just the base mesocycle(modified a little bit) of the original Smolov program why not actually run the entire program for bench? I havent read about this. But in squat the most gains come after the intense mesocycle of the program so why not use it for the bench too? What do you think?

Hey! You are the kid who came on here a week ago and asked about tweaking 5/3/1 to add a second bench day then proudly claimed you weren’t going to take anyone’s advice. Now you’re running Smolov. What happened?

Who has smolov trained? Are they good benchers and squatters?

No this was my brother I just didnt feel like making an account so I used his.

Any advice is appreciated

Yeah he got a response from Wendler himself, but clearly thats just not good enough :neutral_face:

Are you sure it was Jim and not Jim’s brother?


1.You gonna end up with a stronger bench(us in most well written programs)

1.You won’t know where to go from there.531,westside,phat,dup ect are systems you can tweak according to your needs and run for years,smolov is not.Imo you are better off learning how to train while you get stronger
2.Due to the high demands of smolov,other lifts will fall behind.Wouldn’t strengthening your squat,deadlift,preacher curl or whatever else you want too be nicer?
3.Smolov(especially the full version) is gonna leave you with stiff shoulders,if not injured,as I assume your upper back is not that strong at fourte…oh sorry.I mistakened you for your brother

Anyway,you pay the gym membership,you put the time to go lift so the decision is up to you

Ok I will do the full program

^I literally loled