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The Whole Arm


I've been focusing more on wrist stability and overall grip work and can't believe the difference it has made to made my overall gains in strength and size. I now have retired the straps and have learned the true value of forearm and hand strength. My arms are a 100% solid instead of before only 50%. Wish I would of done this 15 years ago.




i too would like to go from 50% solid to 100% solid


ZOMG I accidentally teh whole arm!


can i haz 100% armz pleeze???


let's see some pics of the 100% solid arms. Mine are no more than 22% solid.


hai guiz, thought i would throw up a pic, what percent would you think my arm is?


I fully sympathize. Many men have been secretly dealing with this problem for years. I, personally, have arms that are only 10% solid, the other 90% being liquid. I have been working with a specialist for the last couple of months, though. I think it's helping.

Good luck in your quest for solidity,


I'd say maybe as high as 65%. Thanks for the shoe, it helps a lot with the accuracy.


I could only dream of being 10% solid, my arms are like a wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube man.


32 muscles from the elbow on down to the hand, I think that's quite a bit.


After all this trining.. could you tell me what musclu this is?


I don't have arms. After solidifying them 100% I decided to liquidate them for cash.




Pffffft... My arms are 100% gas baby, yeah you heard me, 100% G-A-S!


Will this work for wings as well?