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The WHO Might have Exaggerated


Interesting article about the WHO's handling of the H1N1 "epidemic".

Why am I not surprised at all?


I got H1N1 at some point during the school year, never even missed a class, or a workout. Huge waste of time and money.

I appreciate the work the WHO does, I just hope when shit ACTUALLY hits the proverbial fan, it doesn't turn out like the boy who cried wolf. (ie: mutated SARS / Ebola / Zombies)


I thought I had it....got really sick for a couple of weeks. I was just starting to think about going to get checked and I started getting better.

Pretty sure I cured it with deadlifts.


Haha, Andrew, deads and squats cure everything...I read it in a book, so it's science.


Remember when it was West Nile? And then SARS? And then Bird flu? And now h1n1?

When are people going to realize they're just pumping up the "next big thing" and it will come and go like the rest?


I for one am scared about all of this 'pumping up the next big thing' that is happening. Anyone familiar with "The Boy WHO cried wolf"? well now when we are really fucked by a flesh eating, immune raping, bone dissolving disease no one will give a fuck until it is too late.

Cautious my fucking white ass!


I've been stock piling for the zombies for over a year.. I got food, water and ammo to spare.

Bring'em on.


We should find some land in Montana...I'll be a doc in 2 years so I'm a valuable resource, haha.


Room for me? .......Please?

Pros to bringing me:
hard worker
watched lots of zombie movies
in good shape
follows orders

If I get turned I imagine I would be a very hungry zombie
I'm really white so I'll stand out in the dark
My schooling in 'Police Foundations' wont be any help


"In response to the criticism, the WHO has launched two investigations, including one by an independent panel of experts led by Harvey Fineberg, who heads the Institute of Medicine at the U.S. National Academy of Sciences."

I thought this was interesting, they set up two groups of people who are directly paid by the WHO to investigate foul play by the WHO? Interesting.


But Chris, internal investigations can be thorough and unbiased... /sarcasm


eat da poo poo?

oh! wrong thread...still....gahahahahah

Some one has to fucking complain about having your own internal investigation. If they find anything they dont like they'll just hush hush. So this isnt even a good PR stunt.


When this was brought up in a previous thread a few lab techs chimed in with some interesting views, curious as to what they have to say now. I don't want to rag on them just ask them WTF.

And yeah, the bird flu was just crossing the border into Turkey five years ago or so and it was supposed to be here by now lol. Glad it's not though.


I'm probably just paranoid (I prefer to think I'm being a wise planner) - but we've always maintained a stock of water, MRE's (not the best - but in an emergency who cares) and ammo for the guns. Sorry, but the merde has to hit la ventilatuer some day . . .


ahaha nice. I can bring my own cot btw :wink: