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The Wheels Thread


So I hope this hasn't been posted before,but
as we have different arms threads,i Though it'd be nice to have a thighs thread.
So lets bring it on!
For me its 25.1 inch or 64 cm at the widest point at 5'11'' 200 lbs 14-15% bf.


mmmmm thighs....


Damn...i thought this was thread about women's thighs....

Should have called it Wheels Thread...


OMG Your avatar..oooo..and the girl in this pic looks like a friend of mine


OK to All the mods,change the name to " THE WHEELS THREAD" for God's Sake.




hey gaiz am i doin it rite?


This thread failed amazingly fast.

Or won, depending on how you look at it.


26 Inches at the widest point, 25 inches at mid thigh. Old measurements though.

Edit: Measured again today. 26.5 at mid thigh, 27.5 at widest point.


I'm going win. BC and Mike hits some dingers IMO.

Plus without pictures a bunch of dudes posting stats is plain old gay.


25 inches, 5'11'', 165 :slightly_smiling: Skinny bastard, working on it.


21", 6" 250 15%


they where 26.5" when I took this picture. Will take another after I squat 365x5 or 405x1. Whichever comes first. I can squat ~50-60 pounds more now then I could when I took that picture. I weigh about 5-6 pounds less when I took that picture also. 5'8.5" 210 in the photo.


how long you been working on it man? are you really working on it like?.... you've been here since 06. be authentic with yourself.

(tough love)


:frowning: Well, I started around 06, got from 135 to 160ish, and because of school and rehearsals every night I haven't had the opportunity to keep at it as consistently as I would like, so by the end of each school year I'm back down to 150 or so. But I'm back at it and shooting for 180 by the end of Sept. Right now I'm the heaviest I've ever been, so at least it feels like I am getting somewhere...

Ok back go the gym I go.


Dude, I am not trying to be a dick, but 25 inches at 165lbs? I don't know about that. That seems a little off to me.


I shit you not.


Nice dude! That's pretty good developement at your weight.

By the way, you didn't have to provide a photo, I was just asking. Not calling ya out (:


6' 300lbs 75inches


Just doing bulgarian squats for now until low back gets some rest, no leg machines at home gym.