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The weird world of National Health products

This company and its’ Hot Stuff product have been a subject of intrigue for me for years now . to this day I scratch my head in wonder at the out of touch with reality method of advertising they used . Some of the statements in their adds were that Hot stuff was the equivilent of taking over 55 pills because it was an all in one supplement . Yet the capsule form of Hot Stuff was a 12 pill serving . They claimed that you didn’t have to spend money on individual supplements such as creatine , glutamine , yohimbe etc . because they were all in hot stuff . Yet the proprietary blend in Hot Stuff was only 5 grams and had no more than a couple hundred milligrams of any of these " magical ingredients " .
To think any company could have been so foolish as to believe that an educated body building market ( Post 1992 ) would swallow this load of rubbish is unbelievable . Does anyone have any inside dirt on this supplement and the claims this company has made ?

When I was 18 I bought some Hot Stuff. It was expensive so it must be good right. $50 was alot for the poor college student.
I still have the tub. Tastes like crap. I can’t drink it. Mixes like cement…think and crunchy. That was 6 years ago…maybe they improved.

Now I know much more about what I put in my body. Honestly, if there was a great product that was hard to swallow I would force myself to drink it. Lucky for us there’s Biotest. Supplements that work and taste good.

The weird thing is that apparently even some
IFBB pros used it.
The worst thing was that they claimed to be
religious in their ads,using it as a marketing
tool.Thats when I knew I should stay away.