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The Weird Things People Do

Not me. I’m pretty good at it by now.

I dip my french fries in mayo instead of ketchup. Yes, I know, I’m monster.

I never make our beds in the morning, but right before we go to sleep, so I can be sure there are no scorpions in the bed.

Anytime I see papers/ business cards etc… all willy nilly I have to straighten them up. I don’t care where I am.

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Are you in Texas? My wife does this too.

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Yes. In the Hill Country

Howdy neighbor.

Found this guy in a binder at work

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Nice! Got to love that.

People at HEB thought I was weird last night when I bought 80lbs of sweet potatoes for $20 :rofl:

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Those are gorgeous sweet potatoes!! I wish we had some that looked that good.


Ran across a woman shopping in the potato section a couple weeks ago. Took a look at the bin and said to her “those are the best looking yams I’ve ever seen.” She slapped me.


Have you tried sweet potato leaves? They are THE BEST!!!

  • stir fry with garlic for best results :smiley:

Hmmmm… I have never eat the leaves, but the deer love them! So they must be pretty good.

I am right handed; however, I masturbate with my left hand. This is completely because of the internet. When I was really young and before the internet was a thing anyone could have in their home I was a right hander; but then internet porn changed my life. I then needed my right hand to work the mouse, so I had to change hands I used to polish the knob. Now trying to use my right hand is awkward and uncomfortable even though I can navigate the internet on my phone with either hand.


I am left handed, I throw a ball with my left, I bowl with my left, right with my left, hold a tennis racquet in my left hand…But I throw a frisbee with my right hand !!
I only noticed this today whilst I was playing with the kids. Weird !!

Every time my girlfriend opens a door, she needs to open it fully all the way until it can’t be pushed open anymore. A few times she had almost broken glass doors as they had smashed into walls etc, and a few times I thought the door would snap of the hinges.

Also when opening doors and windows in the apartment to let air in, she needs to open them all the way. We live in a town known as the “Windy City” and hence we often have 50 kmh winds going through the apartment.

Does my head in.


There’s a whole bit on this in Two and a Half Men, Charlie’s neighbor Rose compares to being with a clumsy stranger! LOL

Think of it as functional skill acquisition

Im realising that I do a lot of weird things, these are the ones that come to mind because Ive done them all so far this week.

Once I finish a jar of pickles, I drink the pickle juice.

If I can I’ll brush my teeth in the shower, because the sound and feeling of brushing my teeth gives me the shivers.

I eat all of an apple or pear, yes I eat the core.

I crack open chicken bones to suck out all the marrow and juices. Other bones work if they are easy enough to crack open, with ribs it depends how they are cooked.

When I eat olives, cherries or other things with small pits / stones, I just swallow the stones rather than finding somehwere to put them. I’ll swallow small plum stones, but i draw the line at apricots.

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All of those first 4 are within a standard deviation of normal. I know people who do those things, or have done them myself. Maybe a little odd, but understandable.

That last one though… You are a psychopath.


This was pointed out to me by my better half the other day - when I get relaxed and confident, my accent tends towards a Southern drawl (akin to South Carolina I’d imagine) and my word choices change than when I’m in a more formal setting/anxious or stressed (neutral terms - not overly anxious or stressed, but like when I’m doing something difficult) frame of mind. I do notice when I’m in a Flow state my accent shifts towards comfort and relaxation as well.

Conversely, I notice that when I get kind of agitated, animatedly so, I sound a bit like Bill Burr - higher pitched voice, quick speech, super thick Boston accent…

It’s … weird.

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I do all of those things!!!

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