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The Weird Things People Do

I saw a thread similar to this on Reddit a while back. It was hilarious, and in some instances reassuring, so I figure why not.

What is a weird habit or tick you have? Something you know (or think) is downright weird, but you either cant or just wont stop, no matter how subtle.

I have two off the bat:

  1. I always suck the milk out of cereal when I eat it. Which is twice as awesome with Captain Cruch, which is basically like chewing on barbed wire, but I cant eat it any other way.

  2. I have a friend that used to have this tick where he would start like… over exaggerating his blinking. Almost like he was wincing. And for some god forsaken reason, its contagious. Any time I think about it, I have to do it for some various number of times before I feel like it’s out of my system.

Bonus lifting related: when benching, I always have to like… caress the rings on the bar for just a split second. I cant just run my hands along the bar until I find them, i have to rub a small circle over them too… i guess set my finger? Idk.

(These dont have to be OCD related or anything, I guess I just have some light obsessive tendencies)

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I have a weird eye tick that I can’t stop and usually don’t know that I’m doing it. I see it on video sometimes and cringe.

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I have to have foods paired on my fork by the same quantity that they are on the plate, and finish them at the same time, like steak and potatoes and stuff like that.

If they can’t be paired then I have to eat them in their entirety individually.


Volume on the car stereo and TV always have to be on an even number. Can’t enjoy the music or show if it isn’t.


People who put more than one food item on their fork are savages.


I agree.

This oddity does not apply to eating off of other people’s plates though.

That would be weird.

I do this when I’m tired from overall accumulation of lack of sleep and general exhaustion. It’s a nervous tic for me.

It’s always my left eye too.

Weird thing I do-
If I think I am alone, I will occasionally go to the nearest wall and use it to adjust my standing posture. This is a habit I got from doing it as a way to fix my standing posture a long time ago.

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I am unable to park the car or look for road signs with the radio volume turned up. I don’t even know I do it but as soon as I stop the car and go to reverse park I turn the radio volume right down before selecting reverse. Or of me and the wife are driving somewhere and the misses sad turn left at North Road, I will turn the radio down whilst I am looking for the street name. Once we turn into the street I then turn the radio back up !!


Why is this weird? This is the only sensible way to do things. Although I catch heat from the missus for allowing 5’s.


I have this weird thing where I can’t get laid.


I have this weird thing where I don’t want to get laid

My TV and car stereo volume has to be divisible by 5. I honestly hate TVs and car stereos with numerical volumes for this reason.


This man doesn’t like shepherds or chicken pot pie. I feel bad for you, sir.

I don’t think this is weird … radio is distracting and most people, I think, will do this so they can concentrate better. If not, just rest assured you are not alone - I do this too

I think it’s weird the conversations I have with myself during my commute to/from work. I get pretty in depth…if I’m not listening to anything with words (i.e. if I’m listening to instrumental music) I tend to do this. I find it can be pretty cathartic and I can work through some ideas this way…but I think it’s weird…

Also, I increasingly find television to be an abomination to our species, by and large. I barely watch any shows that seem to be popular - I personally find it weird when people ask me if I’ve seen this or that - I haven’t, but I realize that I’m in the minority…I’d much rather read or play the piano than watch almost anything on tv - and when I do, it’s usually a documentary. I love Ken Burns and Richard Attenborough


Lol this rule doesn’t apply of the food comes mixed together for you.

I have this weird thing where i cant drink out of a fountain soda machine. Like at fast food chains that have all the dispensers for the different kinds of sodas. Like a diet coke, it has to be in a bottle. My brain is like, that could be any kind of soda, dr pepper, coke, pepsi…with the wrong label.

its dumb and annoying

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Of course not you animal: pour it into a cup.


Y’all need help!! :joy:

A simple taste of whatever it is should inform you if you’ve been duped … Pepsi doesn’t taste like Coke doesn’t taste like Dr pepper etc

Dear sir, after a total shit day at work, I literally laughed out loud at this.

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This turned out better than I hoped.

I’ll have to pitch in on eating everything on the plate in groups. Absolutely the only way to do it.

Also, I’m right handed through and through, i cant even make a single legible letter with my left hand, but I exclusively eat with it. I even know I have better motor skills with my right hand and a fork, but for some reason it doesnt feel right.