The Weight Room Grand Opening

Whats up guys? I recently opened a strength and conditioning facility in the Boston area called The Weight Room. We are having an open house tomorrow from 5pm to 8pm. Some of our equipment includes: Elite FTS Collegiate Squat Rack, Elite FTS Glute/Ham Raise, Elite FTS 45 Degree Back Extension, Elite FTS Bench Press, Safety Squat Bar, Trap Bar, Eleiko Olympic Lifting bars, Werksan Olympic Lifting bars, Elite FTS Prowler, Dragging Sleds, Olympic Weightlifting Platform, battling ropes, and much more.

The open house is from 5pm to 8pm.

Our address is 90 Oak Street in Newton, MA 02464.

If you are in the area, please stop in. We will be giving away FREE training sessions, t-shirts and more.

For further info, check out our website at


Dave Coffin
Owner / Strength & Conditioning Coach