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The Weaver Lift?


All I know of this lift is from a small article regarding powerlifting, and it only had this to say:

Steve Stanko was the first man in the world to total 1000 lbs. in the three Olympic lifts (press, snatch and clean and jerk), and even smoked the great John C. Grimek, by managing over 11 lbs. on the Weaver Lift. This is lifting a stick with a weight at the end of it with your hands and wrists.

Does anyone know the specifications of this lift? I couldn't find anything online regarding stick length and thickness, what types of weights, etc. It kind of reminds me of the ol' test of strength where you take a sledge hammer and while holding your arms straight, slowly lower it to your nose.



look near the bottom.


Actually, this site has a far better explination. Search around a bit.



Thanks to you both.

The Geocities site was unavailable, but the latter one proved explained the exercise beautifully...

I guess I gotta quit putting quotes in all my google searches, I kept trying for "weaver lift" instead of "weaver stick lift", awe well, live and learn. :slight_smile: