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So I thought I’d start a training log to help track my progress. I’ve never done a log before on T-nation, like once on BBforums .com but I didn’t keep it up to date.
I figured if I can track progress and ask any questions I have on here.

Current Stats
Height: 6’7
Weight: 225.2 This morning
Age as of this morning: 21

Current maxes:
Squat: 305
Deadlift: 405
Bench: 230
OHP: 135

My main goal is to get to BW of 215 and keep what strength I have now.

I’ve been lifting for maybe 2 years now. I lived in a Hampton inn in New Mexico for a year for my job. My gym partner was my co-worker, he kinda taught me how to put on mass, but I mainly put on fat. When i moved back home I started to eat better, like home-cooked meals, not Chili’s every night. However i still wasn’t tracking macros.
So I downloaded MyFitnessPal, went to Walmart, bought a scale, a food scale and I’ve dropped from 245 to 225. I feel SO much better about my body, BUT I’m still not where I’d like to be. So I want to hit 215, see how I look and go from there.

I’m in a calorie deficit, I track everything I eat.
Calories: 2300
Protein: 225
Carbs: 200
Fats: 75ish
I’m pretty good at making sure to hit my protein intake but sometimes life gets in the way, the carbs and fats fluctuate day to day.
Monday - Friday for Breakfast I eat the same meal: 3 eggs and a 1/2 cup of egg whites (Half cup is for volume) = 281 Calories
Monday - Friday for Lunch I generally eat the same meal: 1 Cup broccoli, 1 Cup Green Beans, a slice of american cheese, 2cups of 90second brown rice, wheat bun and 2 Grilled and Ready to eat chicken fillets = 885 Calories.
Afternoon - Dinner (post workout) It varies on what I feel like preparing for dinner, will probably post FoodPorn pics.
Saturdays and Sundays are generally more relaxed on my diet, however, I try my damnedest to stay in a deficit, more often then not, I do.

For the sake of keeping this first post short, I’ll post my workout program, pic at 245 and pic at 225 in another post.


This was me weighing 245.

This is at 225.

I started tracking my progress at 241, so here is my progress tracker.


So are you from SC?


hahaha what was your first hint?


Crescent moon and tree haha im from upstate SC


Charleston here.
Fun fact its not actually a moon but everyone thinks it is


I actually did not know that but probably should… learn something everyday. I actually lived in Charleston for sometime (went to the Citadel)


Almost forgot to post the template of my workout.
This’ll be my second day on this split, Yesterday I did Push. Learned pretty quick I should do shoulder press before close grip bench because, wow, its tough with fried triceps.
Worked with 195 for 5x5. That’s 85% of my max.
Like I said before, not really expecting to build any strength in a deficit just trying to maintain.


After my pull workout I make some Chicken Parmesan with strung summer squash and zucchini.
214g chicken
433g squash/zucchini
= 273 calories
However I didn’t get to weigh my breading or cheese on the chicken so I’m just adding 1 serving of both.
=483 calories for dinner


Volume tolerance is difference person to person, however you’re getting in 30 sets a workout which is fine if you can handle it but most cant , especially IN a deficit. Also your leg work out has over 40 sets wtf!!! now personally this would destroy me. Where did you get this push pull program,