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The Way You Move


I'm not sure if a thread dedicated to posing routines has been done. If it has, too fucking bad. This is mine.

Post some sick stuff you've seen. Any weight class...natty or nor.local or pro....old or new...or even a WTF like this one

yea lol

Because a Cadillac aint shit if it just shit there.

ok, you look good.what now? What can you do? Can you get those muscles moving...athleticism and mobility...Can you tell me a story with them...Style,Grace, Rage?

Feel free to post some technique vid

And some Dope Music....no not a music thread

I mean after all this is a bodybuilding forum.



BECAUSE kai is hot in sick



Ronnie "Are you armed?"




This one is my favorite......killed it.



The last one: Levrone.

Just wow.

The first one and Kai Greene (always amusing) were fucking hilarious.


If you want to see proper posing routines you should check out some local all natural competitions the guys in there are the bomb when it comes to great posing routines.

Shame they don't have the mass to go with it.