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The Way to Go: Autodidacticism


So, do you care to elaborate on your comment about ALL profit is equal?



What are your thoughts on Drinking Distilled water? I’ve seen it both ways that it (distilled water) is bad for you due to the lack of minerals (Germany deems it unsafe for human consumption)…I’ve also heard that there is too much risk in drinking tap water due to contaminants, bacteria, toxins etc. that can come up in drinking water from time to time and that we should really get our minerals from our food/vegetables.

What are your thoughts on this?


I have heard this as well. However, it didn’t grab my interest so I never bothered looking into it.


I only breath canned air because regular air has pollution in it.



Its a good thing that stuff is produced Druidia. If it was made at a farm you’d be sniffing Derrier.


Wow, you’re hilarious. This is almost as funny as when you said “you chuckle” when people believe that Big Pharma makes huge profits. As their margin on profit was only 17%. So the billions of profit don’t count only the % of margin does?


Thanks, twat waffle!

You should lay off the weed, your memory is terrible.


yea…I guess you’re right. Something as trivial as water doesn’t sound important enough to look into.

Do, you…drink water?


Doubtful, water lacks electrolytes and it’s what he craves!


So you don’t chuckle when people say how profitable Big Pharma is?


So I haven’t paid that MUCH attention to his issue. Have you? If so, what is your opinion on the matter?


I’m shocked at your reading comprehension…