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The Way to Go: Autodidacticism

Medicine’s origins and take over.

Profit is always equal. Is profit from a monopoly equal to that from a source that doesn’t limit choice?

In addition, the level of systemic corruption in the countries of origin of your magical drugs far exceeds that of any developed country. Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India… you would have to be a child to not understand this.

Care to show any proof or do you mainly just make accusations?


Good God. I didn’t know he was THIS naive and uninformed. Yet he’s acting like he knows anything about corrupt practices and shit that goes down in the world.

This is exactly why I don’t even bother to engage this kid. He will probably end up telling me Santa exists with his own warped version of logic. Don’t buy into all the nonsense he believes in.

Does anyone? Dude’s clearly a joke poster … but then again I


Sadly, he is almost 50.

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The icing on the cake is that no one here, of the regular posters that discuss this topic, thinks the US healthcare system is even close to perfect.

But something something propaganda something something sheeple something something marijuana…


Derelict. Care to show any proof or do you mainly just make accusations?

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Just accusations. I work for Big pharm duh duh duhhhhhhnnnnnnnn


Just another pawn in the game.


We really need to develop Zep Bingo cards for when a new Zep thread pops up. First to get bingo gets some Flameout or something?


What have you said that has any real value?

Again, nothing worthwhile.

Who says that any system is perfect? But every system in the industrialized world works better than the garbage system we currently have.

Another question you can’t answer.

My hero.

Wow dude. You sure told us.

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Really? Monopoly profit?

Bro, don’t be silly.


I’m silly? You’re the one who said that ALL profit is equal.

This is not a word I would ever use to describe you. Another 5-letter “s” word sure, but not “silly”