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The Way to Go: Autodidacticism

Also I’ll bet he’s super fun at parties…


No where in your bizarre ramblings did you even attempt to address either of my questions with any direct answer.

And what questions were they? And talk about dodging questions, it seems to be your specialty.

Again, no answers. How do you people actually vote when you know nothing?



I don’t vote, I party, and I’m the life of it, dude.

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And you are just another pawn.

So what. Good thing if you don’t vote. The last thing this country needs is another ignorant voter.


Agreed! Friggin’ ignoramooses

you’re such a derelict…


right on


Again only accusations no clarification as you cannot logically defend your position. No wonder you’re a right-winger. When they can’t win an argument they fall back on labels. So they use words like taxes, big government and socialism to create a knee-jerk reaction from their easily duped followers.

Another useless idiot.

This is fun.

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I’m not going to argue with this zep moron.

I’ll just leave this here for people who might be in danger of developing a similarly fantastical image of Alternative Medicine in their heads.

Zep is either an idiot or a shill. My money’s on both.

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Do you always reply with accusations instead of real answers?

The rise in alternative medicine can be partially contributed to the failure of pharmaceutical treatments. The money spent on these therapies is still a drop in the bucket compared to the garbage drugs sold by Big Pharma.

And you are a part of the group of morons who believe that all profit is equal.

To anyone who actually thinks the above makes sense:

Alternative medicine has been around long before pharma, and was once the gold standard for medical treatment among many of the cultures where it is regaining popularity.

Which means alternative medicine once had a market share of 100% in these countries, which would have made pharmaceutical treatments the actual “alternative medicine” there. Plus cultural pride and protection.

Which means that, for example, if you were a Chinese person living in a Chinese dominated society in Asia just a couple of decades years ago, to use medicine of foreign origin, especially from Western Nations, would make you a traitor among your more nationalistic peers and the older generation.

Hence, going by this nitwit’s logic alone, alternative medicine would not just have had to fail, it would have had to be a monumental failure in order to lose that much market share to the medicine of “Western Invaders”, only to reemerge as a “drop in the bucket” in present times.

Profit is always equal. Whether the source of your magical drugs in your little fantasy world meets the standards, and abides by the rules and regulations(which are there for a fucking good reason) set by the relevant authorities will defer.

In addition, the level of systemic corruption in the countries of origin of your magical drugs far exceeds that of any developed country. Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India… you would have to be a child to not understand this.