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The Way to Go: Autodidacticism

Of course you always have to learn from someone but you can duck the spoon fed propaganda offered to you daily by the elite. And this is much better.

You’re still here??

Yo @Chris_Colucci, who’s a brother gotta insult to get banned around here?

Such a sheep. Just giving up to the non pharma market.

Wake up man!

Despite some beliefs to the contrary, I’m professional enough to not let personal insults affect my work. Breaking forum policies leads to a ban. Breaking my tender feelings with online insults leads to a deep sigh, an eye roll, and a double bourbon.


And this, this is how real men deal with problems. Only with real whisky.


How so?

Buying into the counter Pharma culture clearly playing into the hands of the very affiliate links you post. Subverting a portion of Pharma market share to anti Pharma for the same greedy reasons with an added bonus of no results.

Wake. Up. Mannnnn.


The has never been a better time in the history of mankind to educate yourself. As always a healthy degree of scepticism should be kept to process whatever you learn, rather than just accepting it without question.

You could try bashing Tim Patterson and Biotest products. That’d do it pretty quickly. Not sure why you would though. Some people bitch that the products cost money… I guess they think properly dosed safe supplements should be free or something.

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Agree. As a caveat one should still seek out people of various view points and experiences on w/e you’re attempting to learn to have conversations with.

Just reading and studying on your own you run the risk of painting yourself into a dogmatic corner, or going down rabbit holes potentially missing crucial and critical parts of the subject.

No bonuses? So the people claiming to be helped are all lying or experiencing a placebo? I guess this is like the medicinal cannabis crowd? All profit is not good. Why can’t you comprehend?

Agreed. You must be your own advocate.


Did you just learn this word and decide to show off? You derelict, you.


Yup. They’re pawns in the anti Pharma game. Just like you.

Wake up.

Because I’m not a brainwashed sheep/slave to the machine like you are.

Yup. They’re pawns in the anti Pharma game. Just like you

Just like the medicinal cannabis crowd tens of thousands of lying people.

Because I’m not a brainwashed sheep/slave to the machine like you are.

Dodging a question that you can’t answer. Why is that not surprising?

do you just copy/paste responses? Are you a bot?

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Nah. Some of those bots use AI.

Zeps intelligence is artificial too, but more like “I can’t believe its not butter” than the stuff computers use.


So the people(tens of thousands) who use medicinal cannabis are not telling the truth? Is that what you are going with? And you are not even embarrassed?

Again, you can’t answer so you have to ask if I’m a bot. Why don’t you just come out and say that those who claim to be getting relief from non-pharma products are just lying or all experiencing placebos? And your belief that all profits are good.

Nothing more than accusations w/o any answers. How come?

I’ll have to assume you have some of these responses stored as a hot key for ready availability. No where in your bizarre ramblings did you even attempt to address either of my questions with any direct answer.

One of the reasons i think you’re a bot – maybe an internet cyborg. Either way I can’t take any of your responses seriously. They are irrational.

The absence of any type of nuance in any of your answers is why I suspect you’re not really human; or at least have some sort of deficiency. But I’m sure you’ll post some non-sense rhetorically laden deflection. Have a good one.