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The way they were, a retrospective

Hey Forumites. I’ve avoided over head movements for years because of a bad rotator cuff. The other day i figured what the poop. I put 135 on the bar (dont laugh) yanked it up off the ground and did 15 of the most wonderfull feeling reps i’ve ever done. I have not been happy with my shoulders since i dropped these movements, and as soon as i started i could tell thats exactly what’s been missing. Now where you come in. What can i do to lower the risk of re-injuring the sum bitch. I know slow and control, light weights. I’ve heard you guys had some shoulder probs that im guessing you overcame since you hav’nt posted in a while. Any secrets. Patricia or Ko any advice would be great cuz i know yall do alot of over head movements. I was mil pressing 315 before, and while i know those days are over i’d like to work back up to 225. Please, purdy please

BFA-Drop me a PM and I’ll hook you up with an article that I’ve just completed. It should give you an idea of where to start.

I’ve had funky shoulders for a long time, and I find standing dumbell presses to be easier on them than barbell presses.

Military Press 315? Damn. I know my press sucks, but now I realize that it’s truly pathetic!!! I think I really have to start focusing on them there delts. Ah well. One more thing to add to my checklist of things I want to get done in life before I die.


Dumbells KILL them. Guys i’ve been up about 30 hours, i’ll get back to yall when i wake up.

Havwe you tried rotator cuff excercises?

Hey BFA, i had the same problem as you id over the summer, and my solution to it has been the push press, this exercise doesnt stress my shoulders and make them hurt and it also give a hell of a workout, I have been using it since the summer with zero pain…In addition id also seriously reccomend ART for you, this stuff works wonders and you be back to working order lickety split. Check it out and let me know how it goes.


External rotator cuff exercises and deep tissue massage should do the trick to “bullet-proof” the shoulder joints.

Hey pugs, where did you get your art done???I used to…well for lack of a better word “date” a girl in greensboro about 2 years ago. I’ll pm ya

I didn’t get mine done in NC, I got it done in MD back where im from, But but go to activereleasetechniques.com,or maybe take the S off the end and try it and you can search all the providers in NC and other states as well.



oops thanx eric for that correction…


I used to have this problem to. My solution has been a basic rotator cuff circuit of:
external rotation with arm at side
external rotation with arm abducted
45 degree raises
Usually I just do one set of each for high reps once or twice a week. When I’m consistent with these exercises not only do my shoulders not hurt, but my pressing weight goes up, and I can actually feel more stability in my shoulder joint.

Do your rotator cuff exercises consistently and train your scapula retractors and all areas of your traps consistently. Balance pushing exercises with pulling and one other thing that many people neglect is shoulder flexibility. I recommend overhead squats and joining the hands behind the back. (if you can’t do this then use a towel). If you do all that it will go a long way towards warding off shoulder problems.

two things. Full range cuban presses and handstand pushups or static holds for time.