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The Way Estrogen Deposits Fat?


Since estrogen deposits fat in pear shape, m question is of ou block the receptors of estrogen with nolvadex, will it aid fat loss in those certain areas, since estrogen cant use nutrients to deposit fat there ? I know that with a good diet for fat loss our bod doesnt produce more estrogen, but estrogen in those deposits stas right? those deposits are what people call stubborn fat?

I've read that female bodbuilders use nolva to get their legs cut, is that true? I am at around 12-13 % bod fat, and i want to get rid of fat in m legs, glutes and obliques. Can I use nolva and clomid, or do I need anti aromatizers, and since nolva and clomid increase Fhs and lh levels which increase test, do the increase aromatization, which will result in a rebound after ou stop with clomid and nolva ? In m blood tests in slightl estrogen dominant.


I don't answer questions involving illegal products. Nolvadex and products like it are illegal without a prescription.


Can i reformulate my question then? Is it possible do destroy fat deposits of estrogen with diet ? Is amount of testosterone aromatized genetic, and can aromatization be influenced by surroundings,food ?

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