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The Warriors Way - Movie



Flicks like this are hit or miss. When the trailers always get me Hype then the movie drags and ends up with the parts from the trailer being the best part.

But it does have potential.


Whaaat? Ninjas and Cowboys? That looks pretty bad ass.


^Hope your right. We will see.


Dude. Ninjas. Cowboys. Go see. :slight_smile:


Okay four60 that does look like it has potential. But I would have to wait until DVD. Wife hates anything in this genre.


How about this. Second SKYLINE Movie. Looks like a cross between Independance day and War of the World.



Fingers crossed!, mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I've been waiting for a good Martial Arts flick.


What does what your wife like to see have to do with whether you see it or not?


I guess that does sound like I am whipped. :slight_smile: Man with my work schedule and the Teenager's, going to the movies is a very sporadic thing. I can go by myself to the movies but I just really dont have the time. Back story I just moved to Houston a year ago so I have no friends here.


I saw this trailer, yesterday. I would say the jury is still out on this one, but if my son decides he wants to see it we will go to the early matinee to be on the safe side. :slight_smile:


Cowboys v. Ninjas.... I'm in.


Independence Day + War of the Worlds + D-War

There was definitely a good helping of D-War in there.