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The Warrior Diet

Has anyone read and or tired this diet/way of life. place your input.

The diet is worthless to even try.
However the book has a lot of great nutritional info. Also I heard that Ori [the author] just put another book.

Check it out at www.dragondoor.com
Another great “diet” book is Natural Hormonal Enhancement. Not sure where you can buy it…but it’s the best book I ever read on the topic.
Just to give you a heads up The NHE plan is low carb.


i think the Ultimate Diet 2.0 is the best diet for maximizing lean body mass to bodyfat

I tried this diet before. Progress can still be made on it, but it sucks. I guess it would be a good idea for Ramadan.

I found that it totally rocks - if you do it right. All of the criticism on the website concerning the Warrior Diet amount to “It makes you lose muscle together with fat”.

Well, I have the perfect solution: use steroids! Used with gear it burns fat like you wouldn’t believe.

Funny, how nobody seems to have thought of that although it’s not a novel idea by any stretch of imagination.

The book contains a great deal of information that is highly valuable whether you follow the program precisely as laid out or just utilize some of the basic concepts. Without question it has been controversial and you have to make sure it fits within your goals but most people that I have known that have used the diet have had tremendous success with it.

In faith,

Coach Davies