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The Warrior Diet


Damn! The book is almost 400 pages long!
I just got Ori Homekler's Warrior diet today and I would love to start this diet tomorrow. The problem is that I am in finals week and I can't get too sidetracked the book is too long. In a nutshell could someone explain me how to do that diet? Thanks.



In short: Eat only one meal per day, in the nighttime, because humans are inherently nocturnal eaters. So now you don't need to read the book...




Two diets that used The Warrior Diet as a starting template.

Been doing 18/6 fasts for two weeks and I've lost 5 lbs of fat with no discernable strength or endurance loss. Doing 16/8 now though.


Thank you very much!


Thank you Samir! This is very helpful!


I read the book about 4 times and the diet worked very well for me.
There is a very specific process to follow when on the diet and it is NOT as easy as just eating one meal a day. Such a simplification would only be made by somebody who hasn't actualy read the book.
You need to read the book and understand what he is talking about it to do it properly.


Normally I'd say 'don't be a lazy bastard and do the research' however given it's your finals week perhaps you can read over the last WD thread on T-Nation I started (link below). Until then, here is a cut and paste from that thread of my summary after 4 months on the WD. Posted 3 Sept:

After the best part of 4 months on this eating system I thought I've give a summary on my experience:
- It's easy to follow - no need to weigh and measure foods. Eat good, clean, natural produce and let your body guide you regarding macro intake and quantity;
- Intermittent fasting (IF) frees you up to get on with life, no more 3-hour feedings;
- Dispels some myths about workout nutrition and the need to ingest large amounts of carbs and/or calories around the training period;

- Like many IFs and cycling diets, there can be temptation to binge during the over-feeding period;
- Instinctive dieting can be risky especially if you're trying to lose fat;
- Depending on intake, bowel movements can be pretty intense, e.g. 3-4 times on the toilet per day

In summary, it's good enough for me to stick with it for the foreseeable future. On the whole, I have been able to continue to make progress in the gym. I am not as lean as I'd like to be right now. Part of the reason is I love eating quality carbs and put away a fair bit of rice, as well as oatmeal and honey during my evening feeds. I've found it hard to reduce these and go for more P+F meals, although I'm working on that.

As an aside, I have also adopted Waterbury's PLP daily system (Waterbury is one of the reasons I took up the WD to begin with). My current circumstances mean I'm getting to the gym 2-3 times a week max, so the daily PLP, as well as walking, lends itself well. I generally start eating after doing the PLP each evening.
I take leucine during this just before eating; and a Peptopro formula, or BCAAs, when I go to the gym. I take a heap of supplements in addition.

Since that post, I have made a few other observations some of which is based on Berardi's latest publication on IF, some is just general:

1) Start the day with whey. I made the mistake of going on water, or maybe water with juice from half a lemon. Sure it's refreshing first thing but the body is primed to handle quick digesting protein, and whey/hydro/leucine, etc, may elicit a hyperaminoacidemia effect when taken at this time. I noticed an almost instant change in body comp when I started this recently. It's so fundamental I'm kicking myself it took me so long to adopt this.

2) As Berardi says, you still need to count calories. Sure, you can relax a bit in terms of scales and measures but you need an appreciation of portion size and what you are ingesting if you're serious about body comp. As mentioned above, the WD is too instinctive in my opinion. Stopping eating when your thirsty was making me fat!

3) WD is NOT a fast! Hofmekler rightly talks of undereating and overeating, not fasting and eating. If you train - you eat. Depending on energy output, this could mean pre-WO CHO+PRO; certainly post-WO CHO+PRO, with small recovery meals every 2-3 hours until dinner.

Ok, I've almost written a WD-length post, which defeats the purpose! Hope it's useful anyway, and good luck on the WD.



What's the rush?

Personally, I wouldn't start a fasting(undereating) type protocol during an important time on the chance that you are one of the few who respond poorly to it.

For Cliff Note version of the Warrior Diet I would look over at EFS for Michael Keck's articles where he explains the modified take on Ori's diet he learned from Wes/Iron Addict.


The book isnt that long.

The majority of the second half is made up recipes, workouts and other tips for health enhancement.

Basically undereat during the day and over eat (dont limit yourself) at night.

A few nuts, a little fruit and small amounts of whey are allowed during the undereating phase (amount dependant on activity levels.) He also suggests a fruit and veg smoothie first thing to detoxify the body.

During the overeating start with a large salad or portion of vegetables, follow that with protein and finish with a carbohydrate (either sweet or starchy but not both.) The idea being the preceeding part of the meal limits the amount you eat on the latter part of the meal.

But seriously dont rush in to it, especially if you're doing exams, it can take a while to adjust to. Read the book first.


This is a good point. My first two days doing IF, I had massive caffeine/sugar withdrawal and I was basically useless during the last 5 hours of my fasts.


So far I have been 20 hours without eating and I feel good. I thought I was going to feel terribly in the first 6 hours but I really feel great. I have been drinking water all day and I just finished reading Brad Pilon's Eat Stop Eat. Thanks guys I really appreciate your help with understanding this. English is not my first language and its still undeveloped I have been living in this country for just 6 months but I am glad that I was able to understand what you just wrote me and the book.