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The Warrior Diet


Anybody ever hear of the "Warrior Diet"?


Basically from what I gather, you eat nothing but fruits, veggies and legumes throughout the day, with some whey protein here and there. At night, what I gather is you can supposedly eat whatever you want and as much of whatever you are eating at night.

Seems kind of sketchy to me.....anybody ever try it or have experience with it? One of my boys who is slightly over weight is trying it, and I've never heard of it til earlier today. He's not much into lifting weights, but he does Krav Maga and runs frequently. From what I gather he is not interested in gaining muscle, but rather leaning out and getting into better shape for Krav.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!!


Looks interesting, but I don't like it. But Ori (Stargate anyone?) looks nice.


It just seems like a lazy mans excuse to gorge, like for somebody who wanted a AD style re-feed every night for dinner.


all i have heard about the Warrior Diet from previous discussions here on T-Nation is its a great way to lose muscle mass. There is an interview on this site with its creator from a couple years ago.


I bought the book a while back and gave this diet a whirl. I lost weight pretty steadily, but I'm pretty sure a nice chunk of that was muscle tissue. It's hard as hell to have the focus to lift heavy ass shit for an hour after not eating all day.

I wouldn't recommend it.


It's all about the "Warrior Instinct"! ROAR! XD


Oh, yeah. And don't forget the "warrior stance."

Oh, and don't forget about mushing up your food, because that's how the Romans did it, and they were some hard-ass 140-pounders.




Things like that make me want to punch babies.


wow, a potato diet? Thats like the shit people had in prison camps!! Why not just go on a white rice diet too.

I definitely didn't think the warrior diet was such a good idea. But, keep in mind, my friend is not a weightlifting guy. He just wants to cut a lot of weight in the fastest time possible. His goal is to get down to a body weight that will allow him to do bodyweight exercises more efficiently as well as to be able to move faster. He started the diet last Monday and already lost 10lbs. Said he felt dizzy sometimes throughout the day, but would have a drink or some kind of fruit to help stop the nausea.

So far your feedback has been great. Still wondering if anybody has personally tried it and for how long they went on it. I think he's planning 3-4 weeks total.

thanks all!




basically, he's overweight. Wants to get down to a body weight in which push-ups, pull-ups and long endurance jogs are easier.


This is the key. Try it, it really works.


You guys should try the Auschwitz diet, I am getting cut up like nothing else...


I would say the warrior diet is the poorest form of intermittent fasting. Google "lean gains".


I've met the guy behind it, and the diet is more complex than the short descriptions -- and he is an interesting guy. Haven't tried the diet myself, but he actually has trained some real people.


I'm going to have to go against the quick dismissals.

I hate to think that fatasses can use this as an excuse to gorge. And skinny people who try this usually just don't eat enough.

I've been following a "warrior diet" style way of eating for a while (I hate that name by the way). Not in the strict sense, but I do enjoy eating light until after my workout in the afternoon and then eating a lot afterwards. It helps me focus on my workouts better.

For a while, I used to actually eat nothing in the mornings and then train sometime early/mid-day after a class. My strength went up, as did my weight.

I enjoy being a little hungry while I work out. It gives me more focus, makes me a little pissed off, and I know that I have to work my ass off before I can eat a lot.

Now, I eat a lot more meals but still keep them light until after my workout in the afternoon. Anything heavy in the morning/day makes me feel sluggish.

See how your friend feels on this. It's definitely not recommended for everyone, but if your friend is getting the results he wants following it the way he wants, don't argue with him. There are people out there who do well with this type of eating... just not many. Doesn't mean it's 100% wrong, though.


thanks for your post bulldogtor. I'm forwarding it to him now. For him the program is working so far. He's not a weightlifting guy, but he's into martial arts which is later in the evening.

Curious as to what you ate during your diet routine. He has been eating nothing but fruits, veggies, nuts, and drinking water and fruit juices. After his Krav classes he'll rotate between eating some sort of lean beef, chicken, tuna, or eggs with some sort of carbs, either rice, pasta, or bread.

How long did you do the diet? He's hoping to cut out 20-30 lbs. So far he's cut 10.