The Warrior Diet

I just received a catalog from Dragon Door publications and on both the front and back cover, this issue has an ad for “The Warrior Diet” by Ori Hofmekler.

The ad claims: “Never be fat again, Always, always have the energy you want…when you unleash the power of instinctual eating.”, etc.

Has anyone read this book and/or tried it’s recommended diet? What is opinion of the book or experience with the diet?

Inside the back page of the catalog, they list chapter by chapter topics and it looks like very interesting reading, so I went to to check for reviews to seek other opinions. Unfortunately, because the book was just recently published they did not have any reviews posted yet.

I remember T-Mag had a few articles by Ori Hofmekler and his Warrior Diet quite awhile ago. It seemed that most of the Reader Mail and some of the writers of T-Mag did not have the results promised by this diet or it's author. This was all pre-book, so maybe all the facts were not in yet.

If you’ve had an opportunity to read this book, please post what you think of it.

I have the book and I think it’s great. Its a very long, in depth book and I think it’s well worth what I paid for it. It doesnt use scientific references so much of what he says u just have to try to believe, but the diet just makes sense. I follow it and think its a great diet. The biggest mistake I think Ori made w/ his interview here is saying you can eat whatever you want after your first meal. I don’t believe that people will go into starvation mode by not eating every 3 hours, humans would never have survived. Ironman Mag has an article about protein efficiency and how protein becomes a waste if eaten every few hours b/c of downregulation of receptors, with the only way to increase efficency is a protein fast or working out, a strong case for the warrior diet. The key for me is eating one large meal at night, high protein, low carbs, moderate-low fat. If I eat shitty after I wont lose fat. Overall great book, if you check out the preview at Dragon Door Poliquin gives his recommendation for it, as well as Dr. Colker from Muscular Development, and Dr. Udo Eramus.

The Warrior Diet is a well thought out book, but not well referenced. The book is a good read for those pursuing alternative weight loss (notice I did not say fat loss) methods. Personally I don’t accept the linear approach to dieting that some employ. I prefer a multi facetted approach. When experimenting with this diet, I became very lethargic.

Pete/Bobby, thanks for the feedback.

Bobby, when you say the warrior diet is good “for those pursuing alternative weight loss (notice I did not say fat loss) methods”, did you find that the weight loss you experienced was not fat loss, but muscle mass as well? Also, did this diet make you lethargic after being on it for several days or weeks, or was this a more immediate response?

The reason I ask is that many become lethargic after staying on very low carb diets for an extended period of time. Low energy, difficulty in concentrating, etc. Did you have this problem when following Ori’s diet?

The book was an interesting read, but the lack of references implies that the information presented is anecdotal in nature. I started following this diet because I was severly strapped for time-putting in extra hours at work. I have no illusions that I will gain any muscle on this diet and am prepared for a loss of some muscle. Because the diet fits into my lifestyle right now, I will give it an honest try for the next few months. I found it interesting that Ori incorporated much of Tim Patterson’s recommendations on this diet (ie. allowing some protein during the day, pre and post workout nutrition, supplemental glutamine etc.) Post back after following the diet for a few weeks and we can compare results.

I followed the diet exactly as Ori stated I lost a few pounds of LBM (lean body mass) along with 10 pounds of fat. I followed the diet for a very strict 2 months. For your second question I became lethargic (Low energy, difficulty in concentrating) after about 5 days following Ori’s diet.

I have been on the diet for over 2 years and love it. I am leaner and more muscular than I ever have been and have much more energy during the day.

I tried the pre-book version for about three months. After losing some fat, I never got really lean. I got leaner after I returned to a more normal diet and put some low GI carbs in my diet. When I was following the Warrior diet, I ate whatever I wanted at night, instead of sticking to low carb or low GI carbs. I crashed all the time felt very hungry sometimes. Instead of taking in some protein during the day, I found myself eating a whole bucket of chicken. In my opinion, if you have to fight your hunger and you are limited to low GI carbs or low carbs during your overeating phase, then where is the freedom? How instinctive is that? If I ate instinctively, then I would go back to my college days when I gorged, then ate nothing for a very long time, then ate very frequently for a few days, then drank only beer for a while–in other words, very haphazardly.

remember one thing DIETS MAKE YOU FAT THEY ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL until you all stop reading crap and see specialists like dieticians and change your lifestyle you will neveer get to the end of the diet yoyo

Sham: PLEASE tell me that this IS a “sham”; see a dietician for an appropriate Physique Enhancement diet? Soy, bagels, high carb and minimal protien (because too much is “bad” for your kidneys) is what you’ll get.

They most certainly have their areas of expertise. Physique Enhancement diets is not one of them.