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The War on Estrogen?

I was reading an article on T-MAG called “The War on Estrogen”, and it said many everyday chemicals could be responsible for disrupted hormonal levels.

Bottled Water is responsible for possible raised E levels, but then it said tap water is ALSO responsible for raised E levels and lowered T levels. It went as far to say condoms and Marijuana are also Estrogenic. All they recommended was to take supplements to raise T Levels, although this doesn’t solve the drinking water problem.

What the hell? Is all water “LACED” or something?

all water is recycled. you can’t make it, so you gotta drink what’s out there in nature that’s been circulating around for eons. it just picks up junk along the way.

get a filter, even a cheap one to filter your water… or take your containers in to the grocery store and pay per gallon for freshly filtered reverse osmosis water. (cheaper than getting a big filter).

i have a PUR filter. the PUR filters work good, they get out like, 99% of pesticides and other nasties. they screw right on to your faucet. the water tastes better too.

just another reason to eat organic products too. they don’t use those pesticides or nasty fertilizers like sewage sludge (yes, full of all of it’s hormones, whatever anyone shits out of their viagara, statins and tylenol, those things are in there)

good luck! and don’t go all paranoid about it, cuz there’s just so much shit in this world that will make you sick or kill you, you would have to live in a bubble to avoid it all (but of course the bubble is made of plastic, which …nevermind).
stress is also bad for T levels :wink:

Fish fuck in it too.

And shit… if you had to make a choice between fish shit and fish gizz what would you pick?

One of the scariest things that I’ve read about water, and another good reason to get a water filter (Brita is another good brand) is that the pharmaceutical drugs that people take and are excreted via the kidneys also get into the water supply.

right, anything you put down the drain. cleaners, chemicals, old medicines, paint, whatever. you name it, it goes to the sewage treamtent plant, and if you got a septic tank, well, it goes almost straight to the groundwater. either way, we put a lot of crap back into the earth. the bacteria in the soil and in the treatment plant take care of a lot of it, but apparently not all. they’re finding traces of drugs in the rivers and ground water. also, pesticides, mtbe’s (from gasoline) and other fun fun stuff. DRINK UP!! :slight_smile:

You’re worrying too much about minor stuff. Get a water filter and use it on your tap water.

If you’re worried about all the “E” in the world, you’ll never be able to eat, drink or live since it’s almost everywhere (food, microwaves, plastic, etc).

Remember what John Berardi said about “bodybuilding minutia?” This is one of those things where drinking water is far more important than worrying about what water to drink or from what source.

I’d recommend rereading what Nate Dog said and taking it to heart.

Supps like M and Tribex are helpful for maintaning ideal hormone ratios but but the take home point is that you can’t absolutely avoid every little thing that might potentially affect minor dips in T or raises in E, or cortisol, or whatever. Just take care of the big things.

eventually, we’ll get to where it gets too much that we have to do something about it. Who knows what will happen in 10 years from today? US Govt and EPA aren’t really gonna do anything about it as long as the big businesses makes tons of money and pay them off with bribes. There’s a better water filter than Brita and Pur called AQ-4000 Dual-Filter Drinking Water System. Actually cheaper than Pur or Brita based on total cost for the year including the initial purchase and filter replacement which lasts alot longer than PUR. The flouride removal cartridge will come out in Nov 2004. It turns out that we take in way too much flouride (the dangerous compound which is waste by products produced by industries) from all kinds of sources. Some people are particularly sensitive to flouride and can shut down their thyroid functions. You know without 100%thyroid function, you can’t burn off fat as much. oh yeah, messed up teeth too. it’s classified as drug but there’s no way of controlling doses.