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The War Counter

But at least we’re safe…

…Wonder what that number is divided by 1000…?

None of the things listed under “Compare to the cost of” are the federal government’s responsibility, unlike national defense.


I think you meant to say, “Bush’s support counter.”

Have a great one!!!


The cost of war is measured in human lives…not dollar signs. Fuck man, I hate numbers. RLTW


Statistics, statistics and damn lies.

Do you guys know that the US spent over $600 billion (in 1970-80 dollars [you can at least double that in todays dollars}) just on it’s nuclear submarines? Not to mention the other hundreds of billions spent for missles and stealth aircraft. Pundits believe that our nuclear-armed submarines played the most vital role in keeping Russia in check. $600 billion was just one of many payments to ensure peace and freedom.

$131 billion seems like a small price to pay when you compare how 1.2+ trillion was erased from the economy after 9/11.

I’m speaking from a financial standpoint and not in terms of human life.