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The Walking Dead Season 4


Still one of my favorite shows, new season looks good so far.


this shit looks wicked!!!! Damn I love TWD.

I hear this season is going to guest star Grundy...should be a hoot.


That was great! I like the "who done it" direction the show is taking this season.


Looks to be a good one hopefully it doesn't take the whole season for them to leave the prison


On a side note, since both Cutty and D'Angelo from The Wire are on the show, what's the over/under on Omar being the next one on the show?


Amped up for this. Looks like we are going into a completely different arch than the comics which is cool with me.


I don't even know if I'm going to watch it after that horrendous 3rd season.


Yes! Can't wait.

Hopefully the sheriff gets his comeuppance.

Can't wait to see Michonne ripping his balls off with her Katana, and feeding them back to him once he's turned.

Michonne 2013!

Sorry, Robert A, I had to!


I will but only DVR. I have hope for the show so i dont wanna miss it but im not clearing an hour on Sunday nights to watch it.


Thanks for posting that. I love the show.


The trailer alone is 1,000,000x greater than Season 3. Holy crap.


All I know is they need to cut out some of the commercials


I'm guessing by about half way through season 4 they are out of the prison.

I barely saw any Carl in the trailer. Not sure what to make of it, but I thought he would be more of an important figure in the show.


He became less annoying towards the end of the last season.


I do feel that they are going to drag this series out as long as possible



^You can't blame them I would do the same thing.


Srsly, I hope they do. I was reading the comic books at Target while my wife was shopping. Truly Epic series. Thinking of buying the comic books. My 3 favorite characters are/ were Darryl--Meryl--and Shane. Darryl's the only one left. Sorry but I think Shane was the only one with the right mindsight IMO for a zombie takeover. He was a true badass.


He was also very pussy wipped. He would have been dead the very first time she fell while running.


I feel like Carl is turning into a Shane.