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The Walking Dead Season 2


Zombies are back

Uh oh


It's AMC's birthday present to me.


awwww skeet


haha, hilarious polo.

x2 with spar4tee


What date?


Tommorrow night at 9.

Came outta nowhere didnt it?


So fucking stoked for season 2.


My new tv plan doesn't include AMC argh


"We have an app for that..."

They usually post the link the day after the release date of the show.



I have another app for that too :wink:

But that link is a nice lazier alternative. Thanks!


I must say I'm getting in to this show. It's pretty fucking gross though.



Cannot wait for this.


Did you expect a worldwide zombie apocalypse to be all puppies and rainbows?


More a vampire guy. Think Dusk til Dawn, not that gay twilight or Super Gay Rockula. Zombies are fucking brutal.


I suppose I can forgive you then. Zombies are brutal, but where else in the horror genre can you basically win at living if you have an axe, a shotgun, and unlimited ammo? Way more intense, IMHO.


Good show, although im usually left feeling pretty down after watching.


Salma Hayek and Quentin Tarantino equal end of story. But I'm out brah, Saturday night is calling. PEACE!


Yesssss. Just finished the second episode from the first season. (I'm trying to re-watch the first season before tomorrow) .

Stuck watching on the iPhone now though. :frowning:


I can't wait for it! Sick of trying to find a good show on Netflix, feels like it's been many years since Season 1 ended!


I think I might actually jizz... on a zombie's face.