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The Walking Dead Season 2 Pt. 2


About a week away Sunday FEBRUARY 12TH

I will finally be reunited with Lori.....


My nipples are getting hard just thinking about it Rock...


Zombies love nipples man. You better hide them. You'll attract walkers.


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I really hope they leave that farm. That old man was pissing me off.


I love Shane.


I think they'll be in Nebraska this time.


Can't wait ... I've been watching the scene where Rick offs Sophia on loop for about a month now and I wish I could say that it's getting old ... JK I don't wish that, IT WAS AWESOME!!


x2 (no homo)


Let's hope that Desperate Housewives of the farm reverts back into a truly awesome series.

Still, Breaking Bad remains the one to rule them all.


Can't wait... just can't wait...


Agree. Nothing beats Breaking Bad. Nothing.

In the meantime, I can watch Shane. And I think they either have to leave the farm, or take over the farm. Either way, things should be interesting.




Fuck you! This is the TV version, not the comic book version. They wont kill the hot stuff off so easily.


I think they did not want to compete against the NFL sunday night football was the reason for the split season.

Anyway perfect timing.

Shane blows Taiwan tranny's with the clap


You say that like it's a bad thing...


To each his own.


Rick for President. It begins soon.


I believe this was their rationale as to not have to compete with playoff NFL football ... even in the age of DVR, not everyone has a DVR and they'd lose out on the ratings points even if it's being recorded

And yes, Shane sucks Hitler's balls in Hell with pineapples up his ass sideways


I love Shane.