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After about 7 months of transformation on my own I have decided to star a log to keep me motivated and see if I can get any advice from other people.

Background: I am 19 years old and training to play football. The last four years I played in High School as a Center. I was 5'10 and 240lbs by my senior year, but it was as much fat as it was muscle and thus I was quite slow and not very good. During my senior year I tore my MCL, grade 3, and ended my season and any chance of being recruited to play in college...

Since then I have gone on a low-carb diet after an initial V-Diet and have gone from 240lbs to 180lbs in about 7 months. During this I maintained all of my strength levels, and even went up in some. I will include more information about my transformation later.

Now at 180lbs I have enrolled in College for next year as just a student. But I plan to spend the summer training so that I can try and walk on to the team in the fall, but at a new position. I know I won't be a center anymore, so I'm thinking either a Linebacker, although i know I'm a little short and light for that at the moment, or a safety, although I will need to get much faster. Which position I play doesnt matter to me, I just want to do whatever gets me the best chance of making the team and getting on the field.

My plan for this summer is too start lifting for football again and make the football team as a walk on. For training, and this will probably get my log more traffic than anything about my plan, I am going to try to work out at Joe DeFranco's (they are only about a mile away from me). I know that this is the best place for me to achieve what I want and I have already talked to them so I will keep you updated on what happens.

For diet I am still on a pretty generic low carb diet, and don't have much of an idea as where I am going to go next. If I deiced between linebacker or saftey may affect that, although I will probably have to get bigger for each position.

I've been a member of this site and constantly read the articles and forums, although I don't post much, so I feel like now that I say this I am accountable to someone besides my self... a little extra motivation not to embarrass my self by failing. Any advice on football, training, diet, or keeping up a transformation will be greatly appreciated.


Here are my results from my transformation so far. I started at 240lbs, weighed at our testing for football that season. I didn't keep an sort of records or logs at the time, but I started to eat clean and low-carb and it did wonders for a while. After about 6 months I had dropped to 202.8 lbs which is what I was when I started my V-Diet. I don't have any measurements from the original size but I know I was a 40in waist.

My measurements for the V-Diet were at start:
Weight: 202.8lbs
Left Calf: 15.75
Right Calf: 16
Left Thigh: 25
Right Thigh: 25.5
Waist: 37.5
Chest: 42
Around Shoulders: 48.5
Left Bicep: 14.25
Right Bicep: 14.5

If there is something wrong with the spots I chose to measure, I'm sorry that is all I took and I don't remember where I read those were what to measure.

After V-Diet:
Weight: 179.0lbs
Left Calf: 14.75
Right Calf: 14.75
Left Thigh: 24.25
Right Thigh: 23.5
Waist: 33.75
Chest: 38
Around Shoulders: 47
Left Bicep: 12.75
Right Bicep: 12.75

This made my change:
Weight: 23.8lbs
Left Calf: 1
Right Calf: 1.25
Left Thigh: 1.5
Right Thigh: 2
Waist: 3.75
Chest: 4
Around Shoulders: 1.5
Left Bicep: 1.5
Right Bicep: 1.75
Total inches lost: 19.25

Not sure if these are great numbers but for 28 days I was very happy. That was a few weeks ago, I haven't taken a measurement since then but I will tomorrow morning. I know 180 is pretty low (I haven't been there since middle school!) but I could still lose a few lbs of fat so I might consider another V-Diet later this summer, but I'm not sure yet...


Lifting stats?


I know my stats aren't huge... that's what I hope to improve over the summer.

Last Time I measured 1RM's it was
Bench 235
Squat 300 (I stopped squatting for a while after my injury and still haven't got fully back into it... think this will grow pretty quick once I do)
Deadlift 350
14 Chin Up's

Not sure what else your looking for, can test whatever you want...


The lifts arent bad, but theres still room for improvement. I hurt my knee a while ago (not as bad as yours) and was away from squatting for 2 months. Give it a few weeks and you should be back where you were.


where are you going to college?


Yeah, I've been out long enough that there's no real pain, it's more that I just get a little nervous when I get under the bar. Just physiological so I'm sure with time ill get over it...


I'm going to Lehigh University. It's formally D1-AA but they got rid of that so its like FBS I think. Obviously not an amazing program, not D1 which would be to much for me to try and do, but still pretty good.


Yeah, one of the top patriot league teams for sure....best of luck


what happened to this?


I wanted to keep updating this but I got a job instead to pay for my time at DeFranco's... also didn't feel right posting the workouts they build for me (its pretty awesome though)! School starts soon so I'm going to start this up when I'm on my own and give an overview of the Summer... I'm up to 198lbs now at a lower BF and I'll get some new 1RM's soon as well. Sorry!


alright on the team now, not really looking at playing time though so its all about getting strength up for spring practice... doing 5/3/1 currently on second week of second cycle, while going low carb besides breakfast and peri-workout because I have to keep the BF% low and the speed up.

Monday Lift

Overhead Press


5x10 95lbs

Pull Up's

10x5 BW


10x6 BW


Tuesday Lift

Deadlift Day


5x10 235


4x8 each leg 35lb dumbbells



Wednesday Weight 185

Dumbbell "kroc" Rows

4x25 with 60's

Glute Work

I really liked the glute article from last week, and I'm trying to use it because my number one goal in the weight room is probably to get faster...

Single Leg GH Raises
Quadruped Leg extension ( not sure if that's how you say it)

Practice 2 hours

I'm trying to record all of my food in a food log now to see how im eating, i know its not exact but this is what I had estimate for the day:

Cal 2874 Fat 143g Carbs 179g Protein 188g

Theres more info on my page dont know how much really matters to me. Pretty shocking to see the difference between what I think I eat and what I actually do. Protein is much lower than I thought, I'll have to work on upping that every day. Carbs so high scare me a little seeing as I am a FFB who is now a carbaphobe, but almost all of my carbs are breakfast and peri workout, and seeing as im lifting and practicing every day i think that number is acceptable. Fat is pretty high but I think as im taking a fish oil and efa supp that probably adds a sizable amount.

If anyone has suggestions for either how to change this up or what to be monitoring besides these levels for an athlete please tell me.


thursday lift

bench day


140x10 5 sets

had practice late today had to lift after didnt have much time for accessory lifts


friday lift

squat day


145x10 5 sets

I get pretty high reps on the squat to max reps, not sure if I should re-adjust my 1RM...

Had pregame walk-through and meetings all day today so no accessory work again.



Military Press


10x6 Dips

10x5 Chins

2,544 Cals, 133g fat, 82g carbs, 223g protein

No practice, went to sleep early to try and get some rest






10x225 for 5 sets

only got 1, but had to use a Olympic bar for the first time cause the trap bar was in the other gym, didnt really like it, grip felt weird.

got some extra running in at practice, going to try and do sprints every day after practice to get my speed up cause I would do anything to be fast right now. Anyone who has some good ideas for what kinds of sprints to do plese let me know...

Cals 2,464 Fat 120g 161g Carbs 179g Protein

Numbers seem low but ive really got to lose some weight so I can get my speed up. If anyone has any nutritional advice on how to lose weight while keeping performance and strenth up that would be great.


its pretty hard to get faster during the season. best time to do that is off season from late december through beginning of summer. first phase get legs strong as shit..also relative body strenghth plays a big part in this too, if you lifted @ defrancos you know what Im talkin about. Anyways, second phase getting the lean body mass u put on, to EXPLODE. pretty much what defranco does with his athletes in their combine prep. i also play college ball, in california though... i also train at a wherehouse gym like defrancos, some good fuckin training goes on at our place..luckily i get to train there for free. i was one of the first athletes when the owner opened, and we developed a good relationship...so now that he blew-up Im in for free. im talkin whenevr i want to go in to train. right now im also doing 5/3/1 but mixed into wsfsb so its different but fun. instead of squat im doing box squat...shit i'll let you go ive gone on way too long and after looking this over...im all over the place with advice and stories so get back at me if you want any advice about football or strength training.