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THE VOID- A New Hyptertrophy Program?


You know the A/B split done in Doggcrapp workouts. One is pretty much chest, shoulders, tris, back width, back thickness and the other is bi's, calves, hams, quads i think.

Well what if you did CT's HP MASS for upper body with the doggcrapp involving chest, shoulders etc after. And then the second doggcrapp workout after HP lower body. It seems it will give you the volume many of us love (without overtraining) by following CT's principles, and then givings us one of the best hypertrophy gains we are looking for that CT's program doesn't really give you for those individual muscles.

To keep this in context I am looking for the greatest size and mass gains.


let me be the first to say...zuh?





And what the hell is Hyptertrophy?


@ Ronaldo- lol...man sometimes I think thats the best but I don't think I'm at that level to go by my instincts.

@JFG-yes frankensteining, hybriding whatever u want to call it but why not if the goals are similar and one doesn't conflict with the other.

I feel CT's program didnt leave me drained and if anything ramped or charged me up so one might even be able to go harder with the intensity on that one work set till failure...+ the rest-pauses.\

Interested to hear any support of how this might work. Talk to ya later going out with the wife.


If you did not feel drain with CT's program, you are doing it wrong.

I've done the 6 weeks to superheroe and iBB. And I am done after. I really doubt HP is "easy".

Put some effort into it.


beyond all this, DC is hard enough to recover from hence the required cruise. pick a program and stick with it. if the ultimate program was built by combining them all, we'd all be doing "big beyond madcow 5/3/1 HP DC".


I think I just heard Dante have a heart attack.


I think I can help here.

"I don't believe in following any one training style. I couldn't tell you what DC or H.I.T. or FST-7 entail. I have no clue and really don't give a fuck. I go to the gym to train hard. I don't need to follow a fucking "program" to do that."-Evan Centopani


Well fuck him.

Dissin fst7

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This program has left many a lifter by the side of the road. Most lifters need several months to even adapt to the method. Anyone that has actually followed 'DC' as directed, has no desire to add additional work to the program.


absolutely. its one of those programs where if you can do "more", you didnt do enough in the first place.







and while in hospital he'll be writing a 3 page follow up rant


So to get this straight, you are planning to combine a program that has the goal of avoiding cns burn-out and
with the motto of: "more is better aslong as you can recover", with another program that dont give a shit about cns burn-out( probably causing some ) and with the motto: "less is more aslong you almost die after one sett". I can only say good luck, because you need it :stuck_out_tongue:

Whats next, The kinder egg program?


I just think its funny you called it the VOID. Its fitting though if you think of it in the most negative way possible


I missed this post and responded to your question in CT's thread so let me make sure you'll see it.





You can't just go mixing programs together without having a full understanding of each of them (and even then, generally you wouldn't anyhow).

DC is very CNS intensive (hence the need for "blasting" and "cruising"), which is why you can only work out 3 days a week with it. HP mass seeks to minimize (or at least manage) CNS fatigue so you can train as often as possible (7x a week at least). DC makes heavy use of training to (and beyond) failure, HP mass never has you training to failure (except on your 3RM tests, which is very infrequently).

These two workouts are not compatible in any way, shape, or form. If you didn't feel that HP mass was draining enough, then go back and re-read the article. In it CT mentions some adjustments that can be made to it to make it more challenging .Though, honestly, if you are actually lifting the types of weights you should be, I don't know how performing 40 sets of pressing followed by 16 sets of squats or deadlifts, or 32 sets of squats and deadlifts followed by 16 sets of pressing followed by sled work doesn't feel like enough to you. You must have some serious work capacity.

Either that or pick a different program. But don't try to mix and match different programs together.


My guess is you aren't lifting heavy enough to reap the benefits of either program.