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The Virtuous Badboy Code


We at T-Nation call ourselves Virtuous Badboyz. It's not just "something we do" It's a lifestyle. Therefore we should have a code to live by.

Here are my Suggestions:

  1. Protect your family at all cost

  2. Be at a man's throat, or at his feat

  3. Always maintain a STRONG BODY

  4. Always maintain a STRONG MIND

  5. Stand strong for your beliefs

  6. Tell people what they NEED to hear, not what they WANT to hear

  7. Love being HATED!

  8. Don't fight unless it's necessary, but if you must: DESIMATE YOUR ADVERSARY!

  9. Piss off one person every day

  10. Help out one person every day

  11. Seize the moment (Don't let life pass you by)

  12. Don't disrespect others, and don't let others disrespect you

  13. IMPROVISE, OVERCOME, and ADDAPT (Never Give Up)

  14. Step Up, or Step Aside

  15. Whenever times get bad: TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!

  16. In a fight: NEVER SURRENDER, and NEVER RETREAT!!

  17. Do your duty because it's your duty, not because of the consequences


well, have fun pissing someone off everyday.

  1. Don't curl in the squat rack.

  1. If you see someone curling in the squat rack, see #14.

  1. Follow no code.

Personally, I prefer just having fun. Not to viciously stomp on your hero thesis, but



Uh, lay off seeing 300 again until it's out on video.



Real men understand correct spelling and grammar.


Here is my version. Just for fun.

  1. Protect your family at all cost

  2. Always maintain a strong body

  3. Always maintain a strong mind

  4. Stand strong for your beliefs

  5. Tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear

  6. Don't fight unless it's necessary

  7. Seize the moment

  8. Bully no man and let no man bully you

  9. Whenever times get bad: Do something about it

These are more about being strong than being some badass who everyone hates.

Grow up man.


yeah I bet this sounded like a good thread idea before you made it but ahh...

No, most of those are stupid and have nothing to do with being a T-man.


Words are cheap, your actions define you...


Not those of us that attempt to spell correctly.



What if the cost is your family?

Both are pretty gay places to be.

Well, alright.

What does that mean?

What if your beliefs are wrong? Stubborn ignorance = virtue?

What if what they "NEED" to hear has a negative effect on them and only causes a situation to worsen?

Should you hate being loved?

So if a guy won't get out of your way, and you have no choice but to get into a physical confrontation, you should kill them?

How about using the amount of force as dictated by common sense?

So you can be some edgy fucking Fight Club worshipping, F150 owning (but not offroading or hauling), 'frosted' tips having, Natural Ice drinking piece of shit?

No thanks, I'm cool being an adult.

I would like to help you crash your car into a tree.

Famous last words.

I'm disrespecting you right now.

I'll get right on it.

Sit Down and Shut Up

Where's the lube?

Also famous last words.

Follow the leadership of blind men at your own risk.


I prefer the strong words from a few weeks back.

Reputation is what people know you from
Honor is how you know yourself




Anyone else think of this cheese-ball gem after reading #16? Great stuff...


"Fall down 7,GET UP 8"-Japanese Proverb

"Die on your feet or live on your knees"-Japanese Proverb

Is there nothing the Japanese can provide us with?


A few good man laws...

1) Do compound movements before you do isolation movements.

2) Your squat max is only your squat max if you went to a true parallel.

3) Pull it before you can push it.

4) Life is short, so choose friends that you want to spend time with but be open to befriending new people.

5) Remember what David Mamet always said: Always tell the truth - it's the easiest thing to remember.

6) Wireless Phone Headsets are for Bitches.

7) Don't ever wear anything on your belt unless you're a doctor on call or a an with a legit reason to carry a sidearm.

8) Don't kick another man in the balls unless you are fighting him to the death.

9) Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks

10) Know the difference between a woman and a bitch/hoe/life-wrecking whore. Every man gets 1 mulligan that his friends will never mention again, but only 1.

11) Dealing and Using Crack, Coke, heroin, Meth, and other hard drugs reduces your manliness score.

12) Thou shalt not rent Chocolat, or Titanic, or Cruel Intentions, or any other chick flick movie...not even for 'research.'

13) Don't create a gay, flashy myspace. Not even if you're gay. It's tacky.

14) If you listen to the Band Bread, or any other soft rock, or "emo-punk" or any "emo-punk" offshoots, or any R&B produced in the last 10 years you should be required to hand in your penis. You don't need it anymore. Maybe someone can use two.

15) Know that the unexamined life is not worth living.

16) Know how to grill food correctly.

17) If you pay more than $50 for a cotton t-shirt, you're an idiot.

18) The hip-abductor machine is off limits to men.

19) If your government has lost the interests of its people, it is your duty as a human being to overthrow it.

20) In order to grow as a person you must do something you've never done before.



  1. Don't live off of lists you found on the internet- live your life as you see fit.


Dont spell shit with z's if its supposed to be an s. Spelling shit wrong doesnt make you kool.