The Viking Training Log

I’ve read TNation for many years now, and have learned applied a lot as a result. I’ve also lurked the forums quite a bit, and finally decided to join up. I’m really hoping to get advice on my training, and hopefully I can help some others to as I have trained for a good amount of time and have used myself for experimentation. I feel like I need advice still cause though I’ve trained for 10+ years, I’m still young, just shy of 23 years old.

Wednesday’s chest and back session

Body-weight Dips 4 sets
BW Pull-ups 4 sets

Weighted Dips 4 sets
Weighted Pull-ups 4 sets

Inclined Push-ups 4 sets close to failure
Standard Barbell rows 5 sets

Kettlebell Pullovers 2x20
Snatch-grip rows 2x20

I haven’t done this kind of volume in a while, just been focusing on low volume heavy strength stuff. As a result, two days later, I’m very sore. Soreness don’t happen that often. Today, shoulders/arms/calves/abs. Possibly Saturday but definitely Sunday will be legs.

Did a full body conditioning workout

Complex with deadlift for five reps, hang clean for four, and ohp for three.
Did it for five rounds

Circuit with pull-ups for 5 reps, barbell hack squat for 5 and push-ups for 10. Did it for four rounds.

Finished with some ab work
Ab wheel 3x10
Reverse sit-up 3x12
Side plank for 10s and then 5 reps x3 per side
Finished with 50 sit-ups done in two sets.

I don’t look forward to conditioning designated workouts, but it is something that is beneficial and I feel like it’s a good way to continue progressing in strength and size while also getting in better shape. I don’t like feeling out of shape, and this is the most…shall we say…palatable way to get it done.

Good work man, what kind of structure do you have to your training?