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The Video Game Thread


Nope… Too much franchise fatigue for me. I haven’t played much CoD since probably BO3.

That’s basically how I feel about Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. I’ve heard it’s incredible, though.


I know everyone’s hyped for this, but I have no idea what the fuck this is, lol…


Soooo Super Smash Bros Ultimate is going to feature every character that’s ever been in a smash game before.


Death Stranding looks pretty wacky, I’ve always been a fan of Kojima and his crazy antics/story driven gameplay though. But this is pretty damn hard to understand what is going on lol


Im excited for Death Stranding, absolutely. Kojima is a fucking madman, but it works well for him. Big fan of MGS and if PT taught us anything, he’s very capable of doing new things. Plus you know, it’s very “fear of the unknown” and that shit really hooks me.

Also, are we just not going to talk about the influx of Samurai games? That’s exciting.


The Ghost of Tsushima looks really good.


I buy 1 game per year and play it at least one run through to beating it. Just don’t have time with all this damn adult stuff. Just bought kingdom come deliverance. Even with only a few hours of play time in… best RPG I’ve played. Full stop.

They take the realism so far it’s obnoxious (in a good way). You start out as a blacksmith’s son with no martial prowess whatsoever. And the enemies are not leveled to you. No archery reticle either. Learning the fighting system feels like your first day sparring/grappling IRL. You get owned by everyone.


I just realized I never finished the Nuka Cola and Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4… So, there goes all my time…


I can’t get into the more difficult games like that (Dark Souls for example). I’ve tried most of them and I’m like, my life is difficult enough I want to turn this game on and crush everyone…


That’s why I end up playing as a sneaky character so often. Opponents can’t fight back if they’re asleep. I feel like it’s more immersive anyway. If you have to kill 6 people in a bandit camp do you run in guns blazing or poison their food and wait?

I read that by endgame you become a full plated demigod slaughtering groups of common foot soldiers without getting a scratch. We’ll see.

The dialog in the game is hilarious. I guess a common czech greeting in 1403 was “Jesus Christ be Praised”. The reputation system in game means people that like you yell their greeting joyfully when you start a conversation with them. So some NPC’s literally shout that at you.

Some of the insults are pretty good. People call you a whoreson, nave or scoundrel.


Same here. Working through Far Harbor. Enjoying it so far.


Don’t trust anyone in that DLC.



Noted. I wish there was a way to play all the factions against each other and take over like in New Vegas. Oh well.

BTW: Steam summer sale is on. I’m currently 3 games in the hole, but the deals are so tempting.


There’s no cutscene at the end. But you can take out two of the groups and make yourself mayor of the third. Hopefully no spoilers there.


im replaying god of war on the hardest mode. its honestly not as hard as the previous god of wars, but its still very fun.


So I just got around to playing The Surge. (Finally)

If you’re a Dark Souls vet and thought it was a knock off, dont. It stands on it’s own, and is easily one of my favorite games I’ve played this year.


Lately playing these games:
Tank trouble: https://tanktroublepro.com
Rooftop sniper: http://rooftopsnipersgame.com


Anyone tried this Skyrim mod?

Asking for a frieeeend…


Anyone here play CS:GO?


I don’t really play video games anymore, however when I was younger I was a huge fan of fallout 3 and fallout NV. Those are my two favourites (especially modded NV) besides red dead redemption and the last of us. I’m so psyched for the last of us 2 I think I might actually try take out some time in my schedule to play it. I love games that are cynical, disturbing and pessimistic similar concept with my music and movie preference as it makes me feel better about my life.