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The Video Game Thread


EDIT: Apparently you are a lil bitch when it comes to giving likes. Give back, man.


That can’t be right… I have only been on this site for 13 months but I have 33days reading time…

There is now way 1/13th of my time in the last year has been reading Tnation.

Edit: apparently I have been here 422 days.


You don’t get to talk to me about likes. You’re not in my top 6 most liked by posters, so you can go to hell!


Uh he is #3 on your list…

@MarkKO is a little like whore :joy:


waaaaait a minute there’s something weird going on here. He wasn’t on my list a minute ago. In fact, that list is totally different now…


Apparently, I like you more than you like me, and you like @dt79 more than anyone else.

EDIT: you and DT both like each other most…


This is getting awkward… How does this make you feel Chris? Underappreciated? Unloved? Perhaps a bit jealous? Would you say that you have an anger inside of you? If you caught them together snuggling on your favourite couch would you be so overcome with rage that you would reach for the shotgun?

It’s ok, we are here to listen and sooth that animal that is ripping a hole through your chest. Let it all out…


Does anyone like me most? :sob:


*starts giving out pity likes

There, there mate.


Not sure what I’ve walked in on here


It’s to be expected; he’s the Chinese Yogi.


Like politics is tearing our community apart!


while we’re on the subject - I wonder if there’s any posters who don’t have @T3hPwnisher in their top likes list.


I think this is the mastermind:

147,000 replies and NO LIKES, wtf!!


woah that dude is a hard man to please.


Ha, had to check…yep he’s in mine… Although you made it in there as well haha


Is Fallout 4 really worth playing? I am a big Fallout 3 and New Vegas fan, completed both of them like 3 times using different character builds and routes. It was amazing on my third play through, I was still finding new quests and places.

Kinda skeptical about buying Fallout 4 since many people say the story is linear, the characters aren’t really alive, and it is becoming more of an action game instead of RPG.


Personally, I’ve always loved the Fallout games because of the exploration more so than the story. F4’s story is not the best, but the exploration is as good as ever, imo. The base building adds a fun element and I like the additional character companions.

Shit, I might start playing it again now.


Anyone want to mail me the PS4 version of either Fallout 4 or the new God of War? haha joking…or am I?


Pffffft, God of War is pretty sweet and longer than I was expecting. It probably took me 20+ hours to finish the campaign and I’m probably 30 hours in and still finding secret locations and what not.