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The Video Game Thread


Man those dual welding rocket laucher pistols were the basis of so many punch ups with my mates :joy:


I have achieved a long time goal of killing all living creatures in the Fallout 1 universe and completely depopulating the game. I’m not sure why I wanted to do it, but it’s done now. Rather weird playing an open world game with no people to interact with.


I begged my mum for years to buy me this for the Megadrive (Genesis). She relented and I finished it in one sitting. The console port was piss easy if I remember


Anyone playing Ark Survival Evolved?

Really good game that combines minecraft type building, open world adventure and with dinosaurs roaming around that you can kill or tame and ride. The dlc’s have added fantasy creatures and new maps.

I’ve been hooked for awhile now.


Favourite games:

Spy vs spy (PS2)
The Incredible Hulk (PS2)
Cel damage (Gamecube)
Cod Black ops 2 (Multiplayer & Zombies)
Cod Ghosts (Campaign)
Cod AW (Campaign, Multiplayer)
Cod MW2,3
Cod Black ops 1 (all of it😍)
007 Goldeneye (N64)
Mario party
Pokemom platinum (DS)
Pokemon black(DS)
Pokemon ranger (DS
Nintendogs (DS)
Mario kart
The legend of zelda
Banjo kazooie
Star fox
Uncharted 3
Pokemon tower defence on PC
God of war series
Gta vice city
Ratchet and clank
Jak and daxter
Tony hawks pro skater 3
Red Dead Redemption
Assassins Creed 3, black flag, rogue
Borderlands 2
Super smash brothers brawl (wii)
Darksiders 2
Sonic (sega)
Dukenukem 3D (1996)
Could go on forever…


Not sure if I should be impressed or scared?


Yeah that manhunt was crazy, i managed to get it before it was banned. Fairly adult concept for a game really, haven’t looked at shopping bags the same since.

Have you seen that the classification board has denied classification to We Happy Few? That one looked like it was going to be fun, I’m pretty disappointed that at best we will get a watered down re code of the game, so frustrating, I thought that we had an R rating for situations like this.


Unfortunately its not so much the board that decides the ratings, but the fact that they dont actually have the final say out here in what gets approved
Anything with an R rating has to go through seperate codes of conduct as its all lumped under media, same as commercial radio and TV
Which is bullshit


If nothing else, it shows what happens if you give me 20 years of gameplay. I’ve played through that game just about every way possible. In contrast, prior to this I played through the game having killed not a single creature.


Half Life 2
And I like the Splinter Cell games. Sneaking around is fun.


New Fallout is inbound.


Hopefully it’s an improvement on Fallout 4. Something along the lines of New Vegas…


You didn’t like 4? I do think 3 and New Vegas were better, but I enjoyed 4 as well.


Why’d you have to post this? You just potentially cost me the rest of my 28th year of life.


Lol, ya… I’ve put some hours (days) in on fallout.


More than the 49 days you’ve spent on this site?


Nah, I can’t play fallout when I’m at work…


Man…ain’t that the truth…


FO4 had a more linear feel, especially with the speech options and such.

Found the perk system to be very undercooked as well.


Is this real? How do you know this?