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The Video Game Thread


Top 5:

In no particular order:

Pro Evo (all of them!!! twas totally addicted to these back in the day!)
Worms Armageddon
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil 2
GTA Vice City

I’d also give a noteable shout out to Wii sports.


Nice list

Used to love getting blazed and having all nighter pro evo tournaments at the weekend

Roberto Carlos
The whole of Nigeria in ISS Pro 98

These players will forever remain in my heart


Yeah, Pro Evo was the best…I used to proper geek out on it and do a whole league with one particular national side and make a comparative note of how many goals certain players scored…that plus trying to make the ultimate dream team OR editing fantasy players, great times!


Currently wasting my time in franchise mode on NHL 18.

Big surprise, right?


Scholarships playing hearthstone. Just saw on vice news yesterday. Shit when I was in hospital I got my golden portrait I was so bored.


What a game

I’ve seen full blown fist fights over that game


In case anyone’s wondering, God of War 4 is freakin sweeeeeeeeeet.

It doesn’t really play like the old ones, though. It’s more like Horizon Zero Dawn with a pretty useful AI partner.


Fortnite is the truth





Currently working my way through God of War right now too. If those are current screen shots I’m just a little bit further in the game. So far I think it has lived up to it’s hype.


I’m a bit further than those screen grabs. I just entered Hel this morning.


Gotcha, I just got out of Hel last night lol. Looking forward to getting back on tonight post work out. If playing as Kratos doesn’t make you want to lift heavy things then I don’t know what will. lol


Fortnite is for children. PUBG Master Race.


I’ll drop a couple of my recent favorites:
Salt and Sanctuary
Darkest Dungeon
Amnesia (old, but new for me)

Favorite games ever:
Castlevania Symphony of the Night
Dark Souls
Final Fanstasy IV
Final Fantasy Tactics
Metro 2033
Fallout 3


Fifa fanatic here, ive literally bought every edition from 2006 onwards
Top 5 would have to be
Grand theft auto 5
Timesplitters 2
COD mw1
Medal of honour 3 rising son


Was definitely legit.

Another one I thought of was Jet Force Gemini. Does anyone remember that one? N64 I think.


Jet Force, Perfect Dark, and Super Mario 64 definitely consumed a mass portion of my childhood.


There are 2 games that I used to play that I forgot the name off, and I was very young so I dont remember the story line, the memory is super vague and Im sure there were thousands of similar games, but I remember the visuals so vividly that If I ever seen it again, I would remember it in a heart beat
The 1st was an old PS1 game, it was 2D, and you were a soldier of some sort and would come across these big eggs that would hatch with aliens in them, and would just shoot blindly at them to kill, it didnt evolve much further then that, just the location of where you kill them
The other was was an old PC game, where it was futuristic hockey in a large bowl type arena, it moved super quick and wasnt based of NHL or anything.

Honourable game mentions to Driver 1, duke nukem, GTA san andreas, manhunt (purchased it illegally, as they banned in out here in Aus) and to recite my above list, my hands down FAVOURITE game of all time…

Postal 2
Fuck I love that game


Reminds me of alien storm, anyone remember this one? My brother and I used to play this for ours (Genesis).