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The Video Game Thread


I cant wait for Spiderman and RDR2 to release


Not sure if anyone’s mentioned it yet, but I could really use an Elder Scrolls VI… There’s only so many times you can do every quest in Skyrim before it feels more like a chore than an exciting adventure lol


Oh yeah, Number 2 is coming out October this year.


Counting the sleeps until Spider-man comes out!

From the stuff they have released so far it looks awesome.



Expac for wow comes out in August


Spiderman looks awesome.


I would love a new elder scrolls but at the same time I’m scared how hooked I might get.


I feel you. But at the same time, I haven’t felt that way about a game since Skyrim, so I’m looking forward to it a lot. I don’t play video games much anymore, maybe once every month or two, but as soon as ES6 comes out I’m going to be allll over it. It’ll be an every night type deal with very few exceptions haha


Top 5:

Witcher 3: absolutely beautiful game, amazing story, realistic moral choices (all shades of gray) with unexpected consequences of every decision, subtle jokes, great combat, huge open world
Portal: best game mechanics ever, hilarious writing
Prince of Persia Sands of Time: great time manipulation mechanics, fun story, parkour puzzle solving was a blast
Dishonored: great art design, amazing story and world, fun powers, the pacifist route was much more satisfying than going full bore assassination (although that’s fun too)
Skyrim: I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve replayed this game

Honorable mentions: Saints Row 3, Half Life 2, Unreal Tournament, Diablo/Starcraft, League of Legends


My top 5:

  1. Donkey Kong Country
  2. Tony Hawks Pro Skater!!
  3. Red Dead Redemption
  4. Super Mario 64
  5. Super Smach Bros.

Honorable Mentions: Jet Force Geneni, Bomberman, Blitz, Paper Mario, 1080.

Fuck, I love N64. Hands down best gaming system ever created.

Lol, so I like old games.


Your top 5 is awesome !!!

Here’s mine

1.Super Mario rpg the legend of the seven stars
2. Final fantasy III (snes)
3. Golden eye and/or perfect dark
4. Donkey Kong country 2
5. Mario kart 64 / ocarina of time / paper Mario sticker star(ds)
Honorable mention
Battletoads lmao jk
Tiny toon Olympics
Jurassic park 2 the chaos continues
Everything I played 20 yrs ago basically


Yes n64 is still my fave !!!

Pop quiz
Finish these sentences
Rocket launchers in the…
Proximity mines in the …


This fucking game lol . You just had to run and hold the shoot button non stop the whole level or you would die hahha . God damn I wish I had friends so I could still do this shit


We used to hid in the ceiling after planting proximity or remote mines all over the bathroom floor, lol!


I was looking for a game where I can kill some KKK members and nazis. I was disappointed a little because I was only killing nazis a majority of the time.

We did drop a Nuke on a town with kkk members tho so I was somewhat happy. It was a good game overall.


Red dead redemption is probably one of the greatest games I ever played. I can’t wait for the sequel


Since I been busy with school I haven’t been focusing on any new games to buy. Last game I purchased was wolfenstien during winter when I had a month of between the fall and spring semester.

The next games I see myself purchasing are red dead redemption maybe madden 19 or 2k 19 and also maybe the god of war series. I want to finish those games before I buy the latest one

When it comes to sports game I really just like to play exhibition match ups. They entertain me whenever I’m. Bored. I play madden at least like once or twice a week. Just a match up on all madden with two random teams. I try to play smart and realistically.


What is this?

Perhaps the game for lifters.


Fresh off the oven, latest trailer released 3 days ago:


Ya, I’m stoked. It’s gonna be awesome.