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The Video Game Thread


I guess I’m the only one here old enough to remember the days when developers were free from the shackles of political correctness, and gamers were rewarded with masterpieces like Custer’s Revenge.

I’m also nerdy enough to be presently enjoying Divinity 2, Original Sin. This might be my favorite RPG since Fallout and Fallout 2.


^^^^ i posted up


Lmao that game is too much


Thanks man, I’m check it out.


Atari Video Pinball model C-380 was my first console. Next was the Atari 2600, Nintendo NES, Nintendo 64, and then made my way through the PlayStations. I have street credit.


About 2:50


Another thing that pisses me off with gaming is when they make something stupidly challenging with not even a hint of what to do. Oh I can’t find a way out of your unexplained digital building, you’re so clever? “Software engineer high five we so got those fuckers!” Fucking assholes.


I’ve been playing dark souls.

Hubby helped me finish 1 and 2, and now he’s just left me to defend for myself on 3 because he’s also been stuck on three.

Everything is rather detailed, and you just have to go down in the dirt, be patient, and collect stuff, and search for stuff while not dying because EVERYTHING in that game wishes to kill you.

I had been stuck at the Dancer of the Boreal Valley for months. Now I’ve just been wandering around, and am now stuck at this giant gate where a crocodile type monster thing ferociously attacks me, and I just get scared and die.

I either play very hard and very creepy/scary games, or cute and fun games.

I’ve been thinking about playing CupHead some more.


I played dark souls three i have a youtube vid up with me beating the lords of cinder. I was literally naked cause the armor slowed me down and barely gave me any protection. I literally quit playing tho. I was in the catacomb prison where these guys let out some type of smoke and it drains your health. I said na fuck that im done. Btw you should play the evil within. Super creepy and amazing story. Its literally silent hill and resident evil made into one. Ide recommend playing part 1 then part 2


My husband has that game. I got through maybe 20 mins of it and freaked out. Occasionally I’ll try to get through 5 mins of just creeping around and going “bruh what was that?”. Before turning the console off lol


Outlast is scary as hell too


My wife was a big reason I sold my Xbox 5 years ago… but recently my 7y/o nephew has started playing minecraft and wants to play with me. He lives on the other side of the country, so my wife told me last night that I had to buy an Xbox One before Saturday so that we could play. Quite the interesting turn of events… So, aside from Minecraft :roll_eyes:, what games would you all recommend. Last games I really played were RDR and Fallout NV.


The sequel to red dead comes out this year i think. Depends on what you like, you could always pick up Fallout 4 or Skyrim or AC Origin if you want to stick to open world.

I might pick up Monster Hunter later this month, that looks pretty cool. PS4 has a couple titles I really want to get, though.


Bought a PS4 assuming that online play would be free…it is not… Disappointment.


I’m excited for the new God of War as wel as Kirby and Metroid for the switch. My wife and I play Mario Kart ALL DAY online. It’s worth getting a switch in and of itself. All games mentioned are amazing as well and I play it have played pretty much all mentioned with multiple play throughs of fallouts, Skyrim, bioshocks, dark souls 1-3 and BloodBorne which is probably my favorite game ever.


Zelda is great and I love the switch as does my wife. The only issue is it gets really easy really fast imo. The first Lionel I fought I was like oh shit this is going to be rough, then after figuring out the fight mechanics, I started farming them for hooves and shit. The game itself as a whole is great though with a ton of hours of gameplay


Online used to be free for the PS3, but Playstation plus Is worth it imo, you can download free games every month.


Been playing fortnite, ha that’s a hoot with my buddies. Yeah, I was just bummed because that was a big reason I got it, ah well. Is what it is.


Fallout 4, Skyrim, The Witcher 3, and Metal Gear Solid 5.


Not entirely related. But I just donated my xbox360 (barely ever used it) and a bunch of games to Goodwill. After I left though, I thought, I should have just given it to some kid or something.

Also, a few months ago I sold my 3do and Atari Jaguar on Ebay for some decent money, consoles I had as a kid. Those systems are still in high demand it seems.