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The Video Game Thread


I just want to point out that Grand Old Games just released the original Diablo (aka the best one) so I suppose I’m going to be playing that forever now.


Anybody jumped on Metro Exodus yet? It was a fantastic entry into the series. Hard as nails too.


Good stuff, im currently still playing. Decent level of difficulty.

First time playing a Eurojank game, its not too bad.


I played it for awhile and my wife was OBSESSED for a hot minute. She was actually extremely competitive regionally for awhile. Then she got into fortnite and hasn’t touched it since. It’s fun, but does get quite repetitive after a good bit of hours. Still worth it imo.


Did anyone grab Division 2? It’s pretty cool.


I miss Tom Clancy games…Splinter Cell and what not. May have to put a little away for Div. 2, looks sweet!


I’ve only played it for a few hours and it feels fantastic. I haven’t seen a negative review of it either.

I’ve been playing Anthem recently too, but it seems to have a lot of server issues. I ended up buying D2 because I couldn’t log into Anthem the other day!


Anybody planning to pick up Sekiro? I love pretty much every from software game so I probably will in a couple of weeks after release. Pretty excited for it.

Also, cuphead for switch was announced and I’m pretty stoked to fight carrots and onions and pirates and dragons while taking a shit. Not much different than a normal Tuesday, but hey, it’s something.