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The Video Game Thread


I just want to point out that Grand Old Games just released the original Diablo (aka the best one) so I suppose I’m going to be playing that forever now.

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Anybody jumped on Metro Exodus yet? It was a fantastic entry into the series. Hard as nails too.


Good stuff, im currently still playing. Decent level of difficulty.

First time playing a Eurojank game, its not too bad.


I played it for awhile and my wife was OBSESSED for a hot minute. She was actually extremely competitive regionally for awhile. Then she got into fortnite and hasn’t touched it since. It’s fun, but does get quite repetitive after a good bit of hours. Still worth it imo.

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Did anyone grab Division 2? It’s pretty cool.

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I miss Tom Clancy games…Splinter Cell and what not. May have to put a little away for Div. 2, looks sweet!


I’ve only played it for a few hours and it feels fantastic. I haven’t seen a negative review of it either.

I’ve been playing Anthem recently too, but it seems to have a lot of server issues. I ended up buying D2 because I couldn’t log into Anthem the other day!


Anybody planning to pick up Sekiro? I love pretty much every from software game so I probably will in a couple of weeks after release. Pretty excited for it.

Also, cuphead for switch was announced and I’m pretty stoked to fight carrots and onions and pirates and dragons while taking a shit. Not much different than a normal Tuesday, but hey, it’s something.


Just killed Diablo with a warrior that had zero points vest in dex or magic and knew no spells. My kinda guy. And now, I’ve booted up Diablo II again and will be playing a Barbarian with a similar approach.


I enjoyed the hell out of Diablo 3.


I enjoyed the Hell out of your pun.

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Speaking of fun older games. I was never into PC gaming much before. Saw that total war medieval 2 was for sale for $5 and even my normal laptop could run it. Played a few campaigns and really enjoyed the game. Not sure who I hated more, the mongols or Milan.

Found out last week they made an entire LOTR mod for M2TW called third age. Downloaded it and it’s really well done. Thinking up campaign ideas:

Play as Isengard and steal the ring and backstab Mordor after Rohan is wiped off the map.

Play as the high elves and get the ring for galadriel.

Play as Gondor with the only campaign goal being that Boromir (Sean Bean) dies of old age. Or I could make him simply walk into mordor.


Anybody play Hitman 2?

I read the reviews and liked the sound of it, but just can’t get into it.

Old agent 47 is just not as agile as Spiderman


That’s kind of the point. Try doing the missions suit only and silent assassin. It’s really challenging. Emetic poison (rat poison) is your best friend. Your target retreats to a bathroom to vomit where they’re alone and easily disposed of.

The trick is poisoning their drink.

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And now on the topic of Diablo III, I ended up picking up the Switch copy of it at Target and the Mrs and I are playing through it.

Much like how we did Borderlands and Dungeon Siege III, I’m the Barbarian and she is the Demon Slayer, because magic is for wimps.

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I enjoyed being the crusader.


I’ve been enjoying Div 2 so far, I expect it to keep getting better because Massive was really on top of balancing issues with later patches in the first one.

I also put 900 hours into the first one so I may be a biased fanboy


PC gamer here… ehem master race…
Kidding aside…

Favorite games

  1. Half life series
  2. Mass effect series
  3. Bioshock series
  4. Assassin’s Creed I to III
  5. Wolfenstein series
  6. Crysis series
  7. GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas, IV

Honorable mention: Titanfall 2 campaign

It’s 2019 and my backlogs are
Dishonored 2, Death of Outsider
Wolfenstein The Old Blood, New Colossus
Call of Duty WWII
Mass Effect Andromeda (maybe I’ll pass)

Wish I could play:
The Last of Us
Read Dead Redemption

Adulting sucks. Hardly have any time to play these days


Don’t even waste your time. I played for about 5 minutes and never loaded it up again.


That bad huh? My sister said she felt like an errand girl. A little surprised she was able to finish it. She asked me to install 1 to 3 again as to not taint the memory of playing mass effect. Lol