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The Video Game Thread


Have you picked up any of the Tales of the Mothman holotapes yet? They’re pretty interesting.


Nope. He has stalked me already though. Got a screen cap of him just lurking there. I guess he only attacks at higher levels. I only have 5 hours into the game thus far. Where’d you get the tapes?


I picked some of them up in the Mothman museum in the northwestern part of the map, but they’re scattered throughout.

Lol at him just watching you too… Found this fucker early on. I almost killed one a few weeks ago, but I got to close and he ended up wrecking me.


How’d you get your PS4 pics to the phone? Don’t laugh… I’m not a share-y guy. Props for melee. Did he just stare at you unmoving and then teleport away as you approached?

Ever go to deathclaw island? Guaranteed spawn for deathclaws to make steak out of.


I share to Twitter and then save to my phone.

I try to always care a melee weapon to conserve ammo plus it’s good for the ghouls when they storm you.

Ya, I think that’s what this one did.

Yup, lol. Fun place…


Anyone getting Anthem?


Anyone still play GTA 5?


Played the Anthem demo this past weekend. Holy fuck balls, dude. You’re literally Ironman. I hadn’t heard much about it until recently and I’m impressed.


Know what series of games I miss? Gears of War, freakin loved those.


I think they have one in the works.


Just finished Spider-Man.

Wow! What a game! Best game of all time!



My buddy’s playing Anthem if anyone cares to see it:

Watch live video from PossibleGiant on www.twitch.tv


Mrs and I pulled the trigger on a Nintendo Switch, and it’s been a blast. Right now, all we have is Mario Kart. Any recommendations for games that support 3 players with controls a 4 year old can manage wherein there’s no consequence for failure? That’s equal parts for me and my kid.

We’re planning on getting Smash Bros because of that criteria.

And in semi-related news, I started my 4,000th playthrough of the original Fallout. I’m using a character that ONLY uses the brass knuckles you get at the start of the game. Using some min/maxing, he currently gets 10 attacks per round, and still isn’t facing any real challenges, but I’m going to have to get creative to beat the end boss with this build.


Smash Bros is a must, but it’s probably gonna be tough for a 4-year-old.

I’ve heard Splatoon is a lot of fun even for young kids (I haven’t played it)


I want to get some of the Labo kits. They look like a ton of fun.


I’ve heard good things about Splatoon too. Curious how it’d go. Thanks for the recommendation.

IRT Smash Bros, I don’t imagine they’ll do much winning, but if they can mash buttons, see their character on screen respond to those inputs, and get to play for the whole game, that’ll be enough. My plan is to set it up to time limit mode rather than life mode so that they can die a thousand times and still get to play. We’ll be helping as well, and most likely all gang up against 1 CPU player.


That’s not a bad idea. My thought was they’d probably have a tough time staying on some of the stages, but if you know which ones move / you can fall off of and avoid them (at least at first) your kid should be fine.


My 6-year-old hangs in just fine with Smash Bros against me and his brothers.


Housekeeper threw out my son’s Labo. Thought it was just trash. We got it out of the can outside, but he was freaked out.


So i’m old and don’t play enough anymore. I’ve played some Borderlands 2 recently so I could play with my two older boys online (PC). All I’m hoping is that there is a Half Life 3 before I’m too senile to appreciate it.